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Friday Happy Hour #14

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Here are some posts from around the blogosphere that Tamara and Kelly found interesting this week.  So grab a glass of your favorite beverage and enjoy!  Cheers!

  •  Do you make kale chips?  Ever have them turn out not quite right?  A Crafty Gourmet has a great idea to salvage your kale chip fail!  Genius!
  • Here's an interesting article on Vitamin B12 deficiency and chlorella.  Do you supplement with B12?  Read this for more information on why you should consider it.
  • Switching to a real food diet can be expensive at times.  But, it doesn't always have to be.  Take Kitchen Rag's shopping advice and find out 10 ways to save money while eating healthy!!
  • I made these delicious mini apple pies the other day.  No, they weren't pretty but they sure were tasty!!!
  • How awesome is this Victorian kitchen?!!?  I would love to sit by the fire and have food going in all those lovely copper pots.  Makes me think of Downton Abbey!
  • I know hemmorrhoids are something NOONE likes to talk about!  However, here are 10 great tips for what to do about them at home.  Love bloggers who don't mind talking about these types of things!
  • I love this post on why calories don't count!  So many times people count calories but completely ignore the quality and nutrient density of their foods.  Find out 5 reasons why calories are not that important.
  • Oh my, these homemade bath salts look amazing!  I am going to give this a try after I hunt down some lemongrass!


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