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Friday Happy Hour #19

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Check out what Kelly and Tamara found this week around the blogosphere!  Grab a glass of your favorite beverage, relax and Cheers!

  • This is an excellent post on not limiting the saturated fat in your diet.  I don't limit it for my family either, provided it comes from good sources (pastured animals, coconut oil, etc.).
  • We just celebrated my daughter's birthday and I searched high and low for a good birthday cake recipe.  I chose this one (in cupcake form) and it was great.  Then I discovered this post from Holistic Squid.  She did a whole roundup of grain free birthday cake recipes.  Pinned it for next year!
  • We make vanilla ice cream all the time but after it keeps in the freezer for a bit, it is always rock hard.  Here is a delicious homemade vanilla ice cream recipe that will NOT be rock hard!  Yipee!
  • I love lasagna…gooey cheese, warm marinara sauce, the tender noodles.  Pair lasagna with a big green salad and a glass of red wine and I can call it a night.  Our Nourishing Roots has a delicious looking lasagna recipe with a gluten free option.
  • I absolutely LOVE beets.  This salad sounds just about right.


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