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Friday Happy Hour #2

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Welcome to Friday Happy Hour!  Check out all of the interesting things Kelly and Tamara found this week.  Grab a glass of your favorite beverage, enjoy and cheers!
  • This article is a must read.  Think all ingredients added to food have passed government safety testing?  I used to.  They wouldn't allow this stuff to be sold if it wasn't safe, right?  Ha!  “Over the past 15 years, the vast majority of new ingredients added to U.S. food never received a safety determination from the government.” YIKES!!!  Eat REAL FOOD.  Eat WHOLE FOOD!
  • This is a handy printable guide to fats from a great paleo/Weston A Price blog:
  • Do you eat at Moe's or Chipotle?  Check out Food Babe's eye opening investigation of these two restaurants.  In her follow up article, she still can't get Chipotle to agree to share the ingredients!  There's even a petition to sign if you are concerned!  My family eats at Chipotle every once in a while, when we are on the go and need a quick meal.  My husband eats there more often and was very disappointed by what he just read.  Makes you rethink their local/greenwashing marketing plans.  Even makes me question Chipotle's cute Super Bowl commercial.  Ugh…  (Although, personally, in the interest of full disclosure, I would probably still choose Chipotle over most other mainstream fast food restaurants).  /tm
  • I have been making this black bean mango quinoa salad all summer long.  I found it over at Cara's Cravings.  It is AMAZING!!!  I have taken it to numerous parties/potlucks and it has been a consistent hit!  I am so glad I came across it.  Try it out! /tm
  • I am going camping this weekend and have been spending the week prepping our food!  I thought this post was timely!  It is very simple to take real food on any camping trip.  It doesn't have to be junk, if you do a little planning ahead.  I plan on doing my own post about camping food soon. -kl

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