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Friday Happy Hour #26

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Check out what Kelly and Tamara found this week around the blogosphere!  Grab a glass of your favorite beverage, relax and Cheers!

  • I have made these delicious flourless brownies three times now.  They are FANTASTIC!  Super rich and dark.  Great by themselves or with homemade whipped cream.  You would never guess the ingredients!
  • Here are some words I never thought I'd say:  This is the funniest goat birth story I have ever heard.  Well, it might be the ‘only' goat birth story I have heard, but it is pretty hilarious.
  • Have you ever tried to whiten your teeth?  Here are 7 ways to whiten teeth naturally.  I have only tried one (baking soda)…interested in the other 6!
  • The first time I made popcorn on the stove, I had to ‘google' how to do it!  I felt kind of embarrassed but was so used to years of microwave garbage.  The real stuff is so much better!  Here's a great recipe for making real popcorn.
  • Gelatin is crucial for your joints and for healing.  We get gelatin in our house by scooping gelatin powder in coffee or other drinks, bone broths and homemade jello.  You can help protect your joints with gelatin by making these tasty treats!


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