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Check out what Kelly and Tamara found this week around the blogosphere!  Grab a glass of your favorite beverage, relax and Cheers!

  • Have you checked out Granny's Vital Vittles Real Food Sites Search Portal?  It is awesome!  She has a custom Google search on her blog that allows you to search for topics ONLY within a select group of 150+ real food blogs!  It is an amazing resource!  Check it out!
  • Do you know someone who wants to start eating real food?  Here's a great starter guide one how to eat real food!
  • Yum!  I love a good soft boiled egg…my daughter does too!  I need to give this a try.
  • It's almost summer garden time!  All of those farm fresh veggies will be begging to be used in yummy recipes!  Here's a delicious take on pesto using all kinds of nutrient dense vegetables.  Interesting!
  • Do you use the ‘square foot garden‘ technique?  Here's a great tip on prepping your soil without using peat moss!
  • Do you get confused about if salt is good or bad for you?  There is so much misinformation out there!  Here's the goods on is salt really good for you!

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