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Friday Happy Hour #46

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Check out what Kelly and Tamara found this week around the blogosphere!  Grab a glass of your favorite beverage, relax and Cheers!

Friday Happy Hour, www.ohlardy.com

  • I will admit, I cook quinoa now, but it took awhile to get it into my repertoire!  This guide on how to cook quinoa looks perfect for the Real Foodie new to the grain!
  • I love this post on weekly meal planning!  My clients always want meal plans and recipes, but, let's face it…they are usually too much work. This post breaks it down into easy steps that won't consume your life!
  • I need to get more creative flavoring kombucha tea.  I tend to stick with plain or lemon.  Here are some great ideas from Real Food RN!  I tried the ginger peach combo…DELICIOUS!
  • I have a ton of peaches ripening on my counter.  This homemade peach ice cream sounds like a deliciously refreshing idea!
  • Do you work hard trying to get a flat stomach?  Here are 3 tips that are pretty easy to do!  (And they don't involve crunches…you can not spot train!)
  • If you have been following Oh Lardy, you know I have been participating in a CSA program.  Here is a different take on how to use CSA produce…make a juice!
  • Do you ever wonder if there is a connection between location and health?  Illinois (where I live) is not a very healthy state.  It is hard to eat real, find real food restaurants and surround yourself with people that care about food.  I always wonder if that would be easier if I lived in a more health conscious state.

Friday Happy Hour - Oh Lardy


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