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Friday Happy Hour #5

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Welcome to Friday Happy Hour!  Check out all of the interesting things Kelly and Tamara found this week.  Grab a glass of your favorite beverage, enjoy and cheers!

  • I love honey!  Since making the move to Real Food, I use honey in place of sugar in my baking as well as my coffee!  Yum.  I found this little article that does a comparison of sugar and honey.  Bottom line, we all need to make sure that we use moderation when it comes to sugars.
  • I have known for a while that Parabens are bad news, but never really explored healthier products.  I can really only handle one lifestyle change at a time, friends.  After I read this article, I am glad that I stumbled upon a new deodorant that I really like.  Now I need to go through all of my other products.  Sigh.
  • More case about the dangers of GMOs.  The Balitmore Sun recently ran this article about a rat study done where rats were fed GMO corn (Roundup Ready corn) or drank water with Roundup weedkiller in it at levels permitted in the US.  The results were not good for the rats.  How can this stuff be good for us?
  • Back to the Stanford Study again…Marion Nestle participated in a NY Times debate about the benefits of organic foods vs. conventional.  She outlines her beliefs very succinctly in this article.  There are also links to some of the other debaters (both pro-organic and against organic) and their thoughts.  My take from it: Eat lots of vegetables and fruits, conventional or organic, just eat them!  If pesticide use concerns you, go organic.  Great read!
  • Live in the Chicago area and curious about backyard chickens?  The Chicago Chicken Enthusiast group is having a Windy City Coop Tour this weekend (Sept 22/23).  There are plenty of chicken resource information here too!  Check it out.

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