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Friday Happy Hour #51

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Grab a glass and check out what Tamara and Kelly found interesting this week from around the blogosphere!  Cheers!


  •  Can I just say that this ice cream looks perfect for a summer afternoon?!  Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream screams summer to me and I am giddy that I have some blueberries in my fridge RIGHT NOW!  Off to make some ice cream!
  • Friends!!  I just got some chicken feet at the farmer's market!  This post about how to get bone broth to gel is so timely!  I will post my results for sure!
  • If I am going to be totally honest with you, the words “scotch spiked” are what grabbed my attention.  I am not a fan of beef liver, BUT this scotch spiked beef liver pate looks worth trying.  😉
  • I seriously need help in this department!  My junk mail is out of control!  Hopefully this post about stopping junk mail will put a dent in it!

Friday Happy Hou


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