Friday Happy Hour #6

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Welcome to Friday Happy Hour!  Check out all of the interesting things Kelly and Tamara found this week.  Grab a glass of your favorite beverage, enjoy and cheers!

  • Soaring prices on corn have led one farmer to feed his cattle candy.  Awesome. I am sure that is some good quality meat and milk.
  • I am getting ready to do a series of posts on the benefits of eating fermented foods.  Before I do, check out this article about author Sandor Katz (The Art of Fermentation) and fermented foods.  -tm
  • The FDA has approved over 3000 food additives over the years.  Here's a slideshow of 8 that you definitely want to avoid.
  • This is a pretty good list of healthy staples to have in your kitchen.  Would you add anything to the list?
  • This is an interesting article on the effects of gut bacteria on Type 2 diabetes.  I just took a class that was all about gut bacteria and improving the amount of ‘good guys' in your gut.  The more I learn the more I realize how important the bacteria in our body is for our health.  I am getting ready to do a 6 part blog series on gut bacteria and probiotic foods!  -tm
  • I thought this was a fun little graphic with good advice on how to pack a lunchbox!  I am always looking for more ideas and I found this helpful!
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