Friday Happy Hour #79

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Friday Happy Hour -
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Grab a glass of your favorite beverage and check out what Tamara and Kelly have found interesting this week in the blogosphere!


Spring is a great tine to de-clutter and clean! Follow these 5 steps toward minimalism and you’ll be well on your way to a more organized life!

I’ve never considered myself a true farmer but I do have chickens.  Here are 5 reasons to own chickens and you’ll want some too!

Spring is here! That means pull out all your gardening tool and start planting! This early spring gardening guide will walk you through it!

Stop taking over-the-counter medicine! Find out the 15 herbs that can help with your headache.

My husband thinks green juice tasted like dirt-so did I at first!  Here are some tips to help you love green juice!

No matter what your skin type there is a honey facial mask out there for you.  Check them out!


Friday Happy Hour -

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