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Friday Hour #52

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Grab a glass of your favorite beverage and check out what Kelly and Tamara found interesting this week around the blogosphere!!!  

Friday Happy Hour Oh Lardy!!!

  • I have the hardest time meditating.  Every time I try my mind wanders and I just can't get it to stop.  This beginner's guide to meditation may be of help for me!
  • I love a good meatball recipe, don't you?  This one makes the most of summer fresh veggies and herbs!
  • I make chicken salads all the time.  I am always crockpotting whole chickens to get bones for broth.  This ginger chicken salad looks like one I need to add to my repertoire!
  • This ‘deconstructed hamburger' looks fun!  One of the things I hate about making burgers is shaping the patties.  This would give me the same taste but no shaping!  What a perfect Paleo recipe!
  • I am totally going to make these homemade gummy treats.  They are made with elderberry syrup and vitamin C!  What a perfect thing for the back to school season!

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Friday Happy Hour

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  1. I am ready to grab a glass and join you for a cocktail. What a wonderfulFriday Happy Hour you have assembled! Thank you so much for including my Guide to Meditation post. I’m thrilled and I sincerely appreciate it.

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