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Want Healthier Hair and Skin? Try This Superfood!

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Get Healthy Skin and Hair with This Superfoood

Who doesn't want healthier skin and beautiful hair?  I know I do!  I use a variety of beauty products but since regularly adding this superfood to my daily routine, my hair is thicker and my skin seems more firm and healthy.
What superfood could I be referring to?  Why gelatin, of course!  Want to know why I use gelatin for healthy hair and skin?  Read on!

I like to get gelatin in my diet in numerous ways.  I consume copious amounts of bone broth for the myriad benefits, especially in the winter.  I use grass fed gelatin (orange container) to make healthy homemade jello and gummy snacks.  I also stir grass fed gelatin/collagen (green container) into my coffee and hot chocolate.

There are many, many health benefits of gelatin but one of my favorites is the improvement in my hair and my skin!

What is Gelatin?

Gelatin is essentially a cooked form of collagen.  Gelatin is made by cooking down bones, joints, connective tissues and skin of animals.  All of these parts of very rich in collagen.  Talk about using the whole animal!

Gelatin is truly a superfood and has numerous uses in the kitchen and for health benefits.  I have found success using gelatin for healthy hair and skin, in addition to benefits for numerous other parts of my body.

Gelatin for Hair

Since drinking more bone broth and supplementing with grass fed gelatin, my hair has gotten noticeably thicker.  In fact, the woman who cuts my family's hair has commented that all 3 of us have developed thicker hair.  She is always exclaiming, ‘What are you guys doing to your hair?  It is so thick!'

Much of the structure of hair is made up of collagen.  By adding gelatin to your diet, your hair becomes stronger and thicker as it grows out from your scalp.  This isn't instant, folks, as it happens from the scalp as your hair grows.  But give it time, and you will be growing a head full of healthy, thick hair!

Gelatin for Skin

Your skin is the largest organ in your body.  It is also part of the immune system and is responsible for blocking toxins and other harmful substances from getting in the body.  It also helps remove harmful substances by allowing them to secrete from the pores.

Since 80% of your immune system lies in your gut, healing the gut will help heal the skin.

Guess what?  Gelatin is amazing at healing the gut, provided foods that are damaging to the gut are eliminated (processed foods, sugar, etc.).  Once the gut is healed, skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis and eczema often go away.

Gelatin can also be helpful for wrinkles and is even called ‘nature's botox'.  How?  Well collagen is what gives the skin elasticity.  When collagen begins to break down, the skin becomes thinner and wrinkles form.  In order to decrease the wrinkles, you must increase your collagen levels.  In fact, many people spend $1000s of dollars on expensive collagen injections to help their skin look younger.

Gelatin contains collagen and it is easily absorbed by the body.  This collagen is helpful for rebuilding collagen in the joints and can be very helpful at building lost skin collagen.

What Else is Gelatin Good For?

Gelatin isn't only good for healthy hair and skin.  Gelatin can be beneficial for bone health as bones are made mostly of collagen!  Gelatin is terrific for healing joints and helping people find relief from joint pain.

As mentioned before, gelatin is also a key player in repairing the gut.  An unhealthy gut can be linked to myriad illnesses and disorders, especially food allergies and autoimmune diseases.

Gelatin can also help decrease sugar cravings, keep your teeth healthy and calm your body and reduce cortisol levels.

Gelatin is a pretty amazing superfood!  Are you curious to learn more?
The Gelatin Secret - www.ohlardy.comSylvie McCracken from The Hollywood Homestead has written a terrific book all about the secrets and benefits of gelatin.  She goes into tremendous detail, citing numerous scientific studies, about all of the benefits of gelatin.  And, bonus, she has an extensive recipe section at the end of the book to get you started easily adding gelatin to your diet!  Have you read the Gelatin Secret?



Do you use gelatin?  What benefits have you noticed since using it ? Have any favorite recipes?  Let us know in the comments!


The Gelatin Secret - www.ohlardy.com

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Get Health Skin and Hair with this Superfood


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  1. Good article. I first learned about this from the book, “Sip Away Your Wrinkles.” I’m a man in my 60s, and I think it has made a definite difference in appearance. I get comments from people who are surprised when they learn my age.

  2. This article helpful for me about Healthy Hair This Spring. I worried about hair care. Now my confusion has cleared by your review and gotten much information from your article. But I have a little question that, how many days later will I use shampoo for hair quickly grow and strong in a week alongside with the best foods? Could you please suggest to me? Then I will be benefited from your valuable consultancy.

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