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GIVEAWAY: Vitamix Pro 500 and 8 Canisters of NewGreens Organic ($1000 Value)

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We are so excited to offer this giveaway to you this month!  Tamara has a Vitamix and can not imagine her kitchen without it!  And the 8 canisters NewGreens Organic powder will have you making superfood smoothies for a long time!!

Disclaimer: We were paid to write this post and have an affiliate partnership with this sponsor. However, we only write posts about products we believe in and highly recommend!

The Vitamix is one of the best blenders on the market.  Anyone who questions its price tag, doesn't realize all it can do!  Of course it ‘blends' smoothies.  But you can make soup, nut butters, grate parmesean cheese…almost anything in it!  And I love that it blends up even the most difficult ingredients of a smoothie:  nuts, chunks of ice, beets, carrots.  It is powerful and blends it all into a smooth concoction!

Have you ever tried the NewGreens Organic?  They are made by Pure Prescriptions and contain 20+ servings of fruit, vegetables, antioxidants and superfoods in just one scoop. It’s delicious with a cup of coconut milk or raw milk alone, but also awesome in smoothies.  This is a perfect product for kids who are picky about veggies!  Add a scoop to their smoothies or make into a popsicle!

GIVEAWAY: Vitamix Pro 500 + 8 Canisters NewGreens Organic ($1000 value) #greendrink #giveaway #organic - DontMesswithMama.com

This awesome giveaway was made possible from Pure Prescriptions.

What is Pure Prescriptions?  Pure Prescriptions is the maker of NewGreens Organic as well as many other products sold on their site.  It was created by Dr. Devin Ryerson who had the vision to start the company after successfully battling cancer.  It is an informational website with all kinds of amazing information on how to heal your body from the inside out.  They also sell quality supplements and have a fantastic customer service department where you can chat and consult over the phone…for free!

Oh Lardy is super psyched to offer these amazing prizes to you!  Good luck!

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Try NewGreens Organic

You can try NewGreens Organic for yourself. You can use a 20% off coupon to buy your own canister of NewGreens Organic with coupon code NG20NOW through Oh Lardy!

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  1. Terrific Giveaway! I inherited my Grandfathers Vita Mix years ago & it finally died after many years of service – I so miss it!

  2. Wonderful giveaway, it have my fingers crossed, I have always wanted one of these but could not afford it.

  3. Hi! May I ask you what mandatory skill testing question should I complete, to enter for this Giveaway? Where is this?

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