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Learn to Eat Like Your Grandparents Did!

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One of the things we hear time and time again is to start to eat Real Food, you really have to channel your inner-Granny (or inner-Great-Granny).

It is so interesting to look back on past generations, who spent their time cooking with REAL ingredients….their effort and their wisdom provided health and wellness for themselves and their families.

Kathy Block, author of The Granny Plan: 12 steps to everyday home cooking teaches you how to slowly, steadily and simply move from the Standard American Diet to a healthful, nourishing diet like your Granny (or Great-Granny) used to have!

The Granny Plan: 12 steps to everyday home cooking

Are you wanting to learn how to switch to a Real Food lifestyle, like your Granny had?  Well in The Granny Plan, you will learn to:

  • “Understand how it is that your Grandparents lived to be 90 in good health while so many young people are now suffering from diseases largely unknown in times past.
  • Cook at home every day, not just on special occasions.
  • Eliminate processed foods from your pantry and your life.
  • Ensure your children grow up with good eating habits.
  • Save money on your food bill while building your pantry.
  • Reduce food waste in your household.
  • Get a good rhythm going for pre-preparations of ingredients needed for real food dishes…”

The Granny Plan

Why You Need The Granny Plan: 12 steps to everyday home cooking

Do you not know where to begin?  How to start transforming and changing your food lifestyle?

Kathy breaks it all down for you.  She shares why what we know about healthy eating is WRONG and introduces you to what you should be eating for a life of wellness.

Are you curious what it even means to be like Granny?

Kathy tells you all about how Granny cooked her food from scratch, how she ran her own home and how she took care of herself, her family and her neighbors.  Your Granny was a hard working woman who was hell bent on nourishing her family….This is the woman we want to channel!

Wonder how you can be a Modern Day Granny?

Kathy gives you a simple 12 step plan to allow you to start to cook and live like your Granny, only adapted for this day and age.  She takes you on a journey, laying out very doable exercises for you to incorporate into your kitchen and your life!

How about an easy way to add vegetables to your dinner table? This idea was so simple, it blew my mind!  Genius!

Are you scared that you have to cook dinner EVERY night?  Guess what??? You don’t!  She gives you a step by step guide to slowly incorporate homecooked dinners into your routine!

This book really breaks it all down for you and guides you on a journey to master your Granny’s skills!

She even includes links to important blog posts, recipes, and resources for you to further your knowledge of Real Food and Granny living.

So who is the Granny of the Granny Plan?

The Granny Plan

Kathy Block is the author of the wildly popular blog, Granny’s Vital Vittles.  She lives outside of Austin and has 2 cats and a dozen chickens.  She has been on a circuitous Real Food journey for a long time.  She has slowly learned to cook well and she knows how to share what she has learned with you.

She is channeling her inner-Granny…learning to cook things from scratch, using farm fresh ingredients, and sharing the knowledge with others!

This new e-book will help all of you busy women (and men) channel your inner-Granny (or inner-Grandpa) to get real food, home cooked into your life!

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