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Vitamix Giveaway -
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Giveaways are the BEST!  Since it is a brand new year, Tamara and I think that it is a perfect time to do a giveaway!

This month we are giving away something that may have been on your wish list, but didn't make it under the tree!  We have teamed up with a bunch of Village Green Network bloggers to offer you a brand new Vitamix!!

Yes!  A Vitamix!  I was hoping Santa would bring one to me this year, but it didn't happen.  If it didn't happen for you, you are in luck!!

Did you win???  See below!

Thanks to the following blogs for organizing this:

The winner is:

AMBER!!   amberki…. at yahoo dot com

Please contact Julia at cocoswell at gmail dot com within 48 hours!

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132 Comments on “Winner Announced! Happy New Year GIVEAWAY – a Vitamix!!”

  1. Avatar

    I’m most interested in using it for making whole grain flour for bread and pie crusts. Naturally, I’m also excited about the prospects of juices, smoothies and nut butters. Oh my! Just the thought of winning this sends my head spinning with ideas.

  2. Avatar

    My understanding is that nuts can be made into butter in the Vitamix, so besides the usual smoothies made with vegetables, I’d be making nut butter.

  3. Avatar

    I would use it to help make my paleo lifestyle food! I’m doing it for health reasons and this vitamix would help out so greatly so that I don’t have to buy EVERYTHING and can really start to be self sufficient. Soups, smoothies, dressings, sauces, ice cream, you name it!!

  4. Avatar

    I will make anything and everything au natural in my Vitamix. Looking to amp up my Paleo diet with great, green smoothies and homemade nut butters!

  5. Avatar

    There are so many things I could say! But the first thing would probably be nut butter. I avoid buying it because it’s so pricey, and the blender/food processor I have now is not strong enough to make that.

  6. Avatar

    might be quicker to write what I wouldn’t make with this lovely piece of kitchen equipment! Definitely would make green smoothies, dessert smoothies, soups, dressings, deserts, breakfasts, protein shakes, beauty treatments and much more!

  7. Avatar

    Awesome! I would make nut milks fresh for home and of course some daily Green Smoothies and some aguas frescas! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  8. Avatar

    I want to make everything that has been mentioned. I love to create in my kitchen this would fill a great need since ALL of my appliances died in the same year 2013.

  9. Avatar

    I would use the Vitamix to make soups, smoothies, and to chop up some eggshells for my tomatoes this spring!

  10. Avatar

    There is nothing in particular I can put down here. I just want this blender for butters, my canning, general cooking, smoothies, and on and on. I’ve gone thru a bunch of blenders so winning this should make it the last blender I would own. Thanks

  11. Avatar

    I would make EVERYTHING!! Soups, smoothies, my vitamin C gummy blend, sauces, marinades, almond butter, sunflower seed butter, cashew butter, coconut butter, applesauce, coconut milk (so good in the vitamix!), almond milk, fruit puree for my food dehydrator fruit leathers, salsa…this list could go on forever!! My mom got one for Christmas and I’ve never been more jealous!! It is like magic! Oh what I wouldn’t give for a Vitamix…

  12. Avatar

    I cook I cook
    I blend, I stir
    and in the end
    it’s all a blur

  13. Avatar

    Thank you so much for the giveaway! I would LOVE to have a Vitamix! I’ve been wanting one for a long time, but haven’t been able to afford one. I would makes tons of green smoothies, among other things.

  14. Avatar

    Soups! I was never a fan of soup growing up but I think it’s because they were always canned. When I’ve made soups from scratch I’ve found several I love. I have a folder of soups I want to make that require a blender!

  15. Avatar

    I would love to have a VitaMix for making yogurt/fruit/veggie smoothies for my family. Right now, 5 of our 6 children are living at home and I make smoothies in a Magic Bullet. Time consuming and I’m sure I’m going to burn it up quickly!

  16. Avatar

    I would make so many things! I can’t chew my food very well, or digest foods well that aren’t minced or puréed. But soups would be the thing I would most like to make!

  17. Avatar

    Thank you so much for the wonderful giveaway opportunity! Depending on what ingredients I had in my pantry or fridge, the first smoothie I would whip up in the Vitamix would be your Pumpkin pie superfood smoothie, all of the benefits of the pumpkin, banana, cinnamon, allspice, ginger, hemp seeds, chia seeds, maca, camu camu and even gelatin featured all in one mix literally makes it a powerhouse full of superfoods but don’t let the healthy ingredients fool you the taste is amazing! I am a smoothie and soup fanatic, and I would be happy to create any smoothie, soups or frozen desserts with the Vitamix!

  18. Avatar

    I truly do think about all of the strategies you have announced in your publish. They may be extremely genuine and definately will certainly do the job. Still, the actual discussions are certainly small for starters. Could you desire extend these folks slightly coming from future period? Wanted write-up.

  19. Avatar

    green juices and smoothies for full body detox. trying to get rid of MRSA forever… dealing with skin conditions and other symptoms.

  20. Avatar

    Well I would, of course, make smoothies all the time; and make nut butters, pesto, grind grains, milk shakes, etc. etc.

  21. Avatar

    Smoothies, soups, mayo, cranberry sauce, peanut butter, nutella, applesauce, etc.
    Good luck to everyone!

  22. Avatar

    I’m making dramatic and much needed changes to my life starting with what foods I put in my body. So, I plan on using it for everything, including soups, smoothies, and nut butters to name a few.

  23. Avatar

    Though my last name may give the impression that I love junk foods, nothing could be further from the truth! I try to feed my family only the most nutritious and wholesome ingredients for a healthy lifestyle. Our blender is a little sick after churning countless bunches of kale, veggies, fruit and nuts for delicious smoothies, soups and nut milks: a quick and easy way to keep a busy family healthy. I would only continue to make these same things but with mug greater ease if I had such a powerful blender!
    Casey Pringle recently posted…Sister JayantiMy Profile

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    Smoothies, soup,flours, and I’m sure much more! Hopefully I’ll get my hubby to join me in eating better.

  25. Avatar

    I would make lots of high protein smoothies to support my pregnant body and nut butters, homemade coconut milk and hummus… mmm

  26. Avatar

    I’d love to try making; whole food smoothies, nut butters, almond milk, gluten free flours …the list is endless!!

  27. Avatar

    My 22 year old son graduated from college and moved out TAKING MY VITA MIX with him. I feel like I lost a hand. Soups/ smoothies/shakes and everything in between, I NEED A NEW VITA-MIX!

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