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Homemade Frosting

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In our home, we celebrate birthdays with a fun tradition – cupcakes in bed.  We greet the kids in the morning (hopefully we wake them up!) with a cupcake and a candle and presents!  It seems a bit silly to start the day with a treat like a cupcake, but on one day a year – I don’t care.  The kids think it is fun and special and sometimes starting the day with a cupcake sounds about right.

Since switching to Real Food, I have always been on the look out for good cupcake recipes with real ingredients.  Now that my oldest son is gluten free, I have to be even pickier!  By the way, the book Against the Grain has a FANTASTIC cake/cupcake recipe.  LOVE it!!  And what about this grain-free cake?!  The options are endless!

So, the cupcake is all fine and dandy, but its time to get to the good stuff.  The frosting.  I have made many frostings with real ingredients that have been delicious!  But my absolute favorite homemade frosting turns out to be the simplest to prepare.  The basic recipe includes two ingredients.  The fancy version has three.  The best part – besides licking the bowl – is it only takes 5 minutes to make.

Cream, honey, and a vanilla bean are all that is standing between you and a delightful homemade frosting.


Homemade Frosting

A simple frosting with simple ingredients



  • Place the cream into a cold mixing bowl. Use the whisk attachment on your mixer and beat at a high speed until it starts to get thick.
  • Turn off the mixer and add the honey and scraped vanilla bean.
  • Mix again until the frosting is the consistency you like. The longer you go, the more firm and butter-like it will become.


For this frosting, I added a bit of natural red food coloring for my daughter’s Valentine’s Day party.


Frost your cupcakes, cookies, and cakes, or just dip your fingers in!  Don’t worry, I won’t tell.

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  1. Looks delicious! Any suggestion for making chocolate frosting? I have cacao powder but it doesn’t seem to mix well unless it’s going into something hot. Any ideas?

  2. gently heat your honey so that it liquefies then add your cocoa powder and mix together till smooth. let the chocolate mix sit and start the process of whipping your cream and combining with other ingredients. This will damage the honey properties somewhat though if your wanting to benefit from the whole food

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