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How I fund my obsession

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How I fund my obsession - ohlardy.com

Is it an obsession?  Some may think so.  It certainly seems like it is when I place a monthly order.  But I really don't see it as an obsession.  I love Young Living Essential Oils and they are an amazing tool for me to have in my mommy toolbox.  It is more of a necessity than an obsession.  Regardless, I have to pay for it somehow.  

I think we all have things that we enjoy that we wish were subsidized in some manner.  It really could be anything.  I recently started going to CrossFit and I LOVE it!  Now, if only I could find some way to get that paid for, it would certainly help my monthly budget!!

At first it made sense to pay for my oils out of my grocery budget.  I found that I was replacing things I bought at the store (over the counter meds, personal beauty items, cleaning supplies, etc) with essential oils.  Now, Young Living pays for my oils.  

How Did That Happen?

Both Tamara and I LOVE Young Living Essential Oils.  Big fans!  During one of our weekly staff meetings we discussed sharing Essential Oils with our Oh Lardy readers.  Always looking for ways to grow our business, we were thinking that Young Living would be much like our other affiliate programs.  We share our recipes with essential oils and ultimately earn a commission for sharing the product.  Our hope was that we would be able to pay for our own personal oil use.  Because, who doesn't want free oils??  

What happened next surprised us.  Since we are educators, it was natural for us to share what we were learning and all of the experiences we were having with the oils.  All of a sudden, we were teaching classes locally and online.  And all of a sudden our commission checks were knocking our socks off.  All we are doing is teaching people what we know.  We are sharing our oils with people we know and love because we know how they can help them.  And we did this from the beginning!  I never waited for my commission check to get bigger so that I could share my oils with other people.  I was giving my oils away because I KNEW lives would be changed because of it.  

What a happy surprise!  Our mission to get our oils paid for has set us on a journey towards wellness, purpose, and abundance.  AND we get our oils paid for.  Check out this Income Disclosure Statement from Young Living so that you can see just what is possible.  

What does this mean for me?

As we continue to reach higher positions within our company, I get closer and closer to my goal.  Freedom. I wish for my husband to be free to retire if he so desires.  I wish for us to be completely free of our house payment.  I want to be free to travel whenever and wherever and bring my friends along for the ride!  I want to be free to fill my days and time with the things that fill my soul.  I want to be free to bless people and organizations with abundance.

As it turns out, funding my obsession has turned in to more than just getting my oils paid for.  It has opened my eyes to the possibilities that freedom has waiting for me around the corner.  And it is too good.

The decision that Tamara and I made for our business back in April of 2014 has continued to bless me and my family in ways I NEVER thought possible.  So, I won't stop sharing and teaching and blessing people.  Because everyone deserves to have Young Living Essential Oils in their house.  Everyone deserves to be well and everyone deserves abundance.  

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How I fund my obsession - ohlardy.com


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