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If You Eat Pizza, READ THIS!

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If You Eat Pizza, You Need to Read This!!!

I love pizza…like really, really, really love pizza.  I love all kinds of pizza…thick, thin, 4 cheese, veggie, meat lovers.  Sadly, most pizzas are made with crummy ingredients and don't pass the real food test.  The question is: Is Pizza Healthy?

I recently had a conversation with my daughter about if pizza is ‘bad' or not.  We had just been with some people who had talked negatively about pizza being ‘fattening' and ‘not healthy'.  She and I discussed that food is either nutritious or non-nutritious…not ‘good' or ‘bad'.  If pizza is made with nutritious ingredients, it can be quite a healthy meal!

How about pizza restaurants?  Sadly, this is where the ‘pizza is not healthy' seems to be true.  Food Babe recently exposed many of the popular pizza chains for their lack of quality ingredients (or their refusal to release ingredient lists…which is always a red flag!).

Interested in seeing where your favorite pizza joint stacks up?  Check out Food Babe's post here–>  

If You've Ever Eaten Pizza, This Will Blow Your Mind (literally)!


**In Chicago area and looking for a delicious, healthy pizza?  Check out Union Pizzeria in Evanston!  We ate their last week and were blown away…organic, local ingredients, only olive oil, fresh grated cheese!  Yummy!


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If You Eat Pizza, You Need to Read This!!!

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  1. YUCK!!!! Thanks for this post. If a person ate these pizzas more than once a month they’d probably be physically or mentally ill to some capacity. I went on the GAPS diet almost two years ago now and I miss my husbands homemade pizza BUT after reading this list I don’t think a piece of homemade pizza would be a problem at all.

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