The Definitive Guide to Keeping Chickens in the Winter

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The Definitive Guide to Keeping Chickens in Winter -
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**Today, Claire Smith over at The Happy Chicken Coop, is sharing an article she wrote on how to raise chickens in the winter .  You know Kelly raises backyard chickens, but she lives in Phoenix, so doesn't have to worry too much about winter weather!  Claire is willing to share with you today how keeping chickens in winter can be done, like Chicago or New York!  Enjoy!

Keeping Chickens in the Winter

Hi Oh Lardy followers, my name is Claire Smith and I’ve been raising backyard chickens for over 7 years now. I first started out because I was unhappy purchasing all of my food from supermarkets and I wanted to try and become healthier!

I didn’t like not knowing where my food had come from, so I decided to start trying to grow and produce some of my own food. My first step was to get 6 Rhode Island Red chickens and since then I’ve never looked back.

More recently I’ve started growing my own fruit and vegetables as well, and soon I’d love to be able to say the majority of food I eat is grown at home- but I’m not sure how close I am to that!

With wintertime looming over us, over on my blog I decided to write the definitive guide to keeping chickens in winter, to share my knowledge of how to keep chickens during these cruel winter months.

Raising backyard chickens during the winter time can be hard. I don’t know about you, but in upstate New York the temperature can plummet to a scary -10°F during the winter months and this makes keeping chickens just that little bit more difficult!

I’m sure at this point you’re wondering how do you stop their water from freezing over? Or, how do you stop your chickens getting frostbite in these conditions!? Unfortunately far too many chickens do suffer from frostbite during these tough conditions, but with a few alterations to your coop they will be fine.

I’ve had chickens now for 6 harsh winters and I’ve learned a thing or two about how to keep them safe during these unforgiving conditions. This is why I decided to write the definitive guide to keeping chickens in winter, to pass on everything I’ve learnt during this time. It’s completely free and contains six separate chapters- all of them focusing on a specific aspect of wintertime chicken care. Ranging from winterizing your coop to keeping your chickens laying eggs, the guide has everything you need to keep your girls happy this winter.

Please feel free to visit the guide and I’d love to hear your thoughts about it and also, let me know how you get on with your chickens this wintertime!

Head over to The Happy Chicken Coop to read more about keeping chickens in the winter

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The Definitive Guide to Keeping Chickens in Winter -

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