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Kid Approved Mouthwash Recipe

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kid approved mouthwash recipe - ohlardy.com

In your quest to have a toxic-free home, I am sure you have come across your dental products and wondered if there is a better alternative.  Years ago when I first started making replacements for toothpaste, I started with those that didn't have food dye in them.  That was a step in the right direction, right?  Of course!  Then I started looking for more “natural” options and found that there are LOTS of options on the market.  Currently I am loving the Thieves Toothpaste from Young Living. 

My husband and I have been big fans of mouthwash for years!  Listerine has always made it into our cart at Costco.  Not too long ago, I started searching for a better option.  There has to be a mouthwash out there that isn't blue and is better for us!  After reading through many DIY mouthwash recipes, I realized that making mouthwash is easy and is totally customizable to my family's tastes!

My husband and I LOVE peppermint mouthwash.  I just love that minty-ness that lingers after I swish.  My kids on the other hand think peppermint mouthwash is too spicy.  Since I would like them to use this mouthwash for remineralizing and brightening purposes, I decided to make them a kid approved mouthwash recipe of their very own!  

I am amazed at how many uses I have discovered for my Young Living Essential Oils.  It seems like I find a new way to use them every day.  I am so blessed to have them in my tool box!  They have made detoxifying my home so easy!  But, does the task seem overwhelming to you?  Don't worry, we've got you covered.  Check out this awesome PDF that we created just for YOU!


homemade mouthwash recipe - ohlardy.com

See that awesome bottle right there?  That is holding the mouthwash I made!  The lovely people at SKS Bottle and Packaging have offered a 10% discount on this great bottle!!  Simply use the coupon code SKSCoupon08 when purchasing this clear glass round bottle item #4000-06.

Now you can grab yourself some bottles, make mouthwash (and other things) for your family and have fun detoxifying your home!

Kid Approved Mouthwash Recipe

A toxin free mouthwash recipe your kids will love!



  • In a glass measuring cup, combine the baking soda, calcium carbonate powder, and xylitol crystals.
  • Add the trace minerals and the essential oils.
  • Add the filtered water and stir to combine.
  • Pour the mouthwash into a 16 ounce GLASS bottle.
  • Shake to combine before each use.


This mouthwash must be stored in a glass container as the citrus oils present in the mouthwash would start to leech any petrochemicals in plastic into your mouthwash. EW!
I store my mouthwash in my cabinet in my bathroom.

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kid approved mouthwash recipe - ohlardy.com



      1. ok great,I’ve been looking for a good kid friendly mouthwash. I’m assuming there isn’t any harm if accidentally swallowed?

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