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Kids’ Kitchen – How to Poach an Egg

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How to Poach an Egg

How many of you enjoy cooking with your children?  Kids love getting into the kitchen!  They love to be a part of the process of cooking, they love helping!  Whenever I am making something, my daughter is there offering to pour in different ingredients and wanting to stir!  I love having her there with me.  We get to chat and she is learning how fun it is to be in the kitchen!

My older boys have moved from helping me in the kitchen to preparing their own food.  They are able to make their own breakfasts and prepare a lunch if I need them to.  

Using a stove is an advanced skill, but once I taught them how to use it and supervised them a few times, I feel comfortable with them using it on their own – as long as I am home!  

Today my son shares with you how to poach an egg.  A simple task that is easy for him to do on his own.

How to Poach an Egg 

Poached Eggs

A simple method for preparing poached eggs


  • Egg
  • Water


  • Bring a small pot of water to a simmer.
  • Crack an egg into a 1/3 cup measuring cup.
  • Add the egg to the simmering water.
  • Cook for two minutes.
  • Remove the egg from the water with a slotted spoon.
  • Season as you wish!

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