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October Unprocessed Begins!!

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I posted previously about Eating Rules October Unprocessed challenge.  Well, October has begun!  You can take the pledge here!  There are some great posts and information on how to eat ‘unprocessed', tips, recipes, etc. here.  There is also an amazing October Unprocessed Guide in pdf format for you to download here.

My family has signed the pledge and will participate.  Actually, my daughter and I are participating and my husband will do his best when he is out and at work (he usually eats pretty ‘clean' anyway).  I eat most of my meals at home and my daughter eats breakfast/dinner at home.  Her school has a pretty good lunch program so she will continue to eat her lunches at school.  (The food is fresh made each day, lots of veggies, fruits (some organic), etc.  I am sure there are some ingredients I would question, but all in all her school lunch is great).  I plan on posting photos of what we are eating to Oh Lardy's Facebook page and Twitter feed so you can follow along! (If you haven't ‘liked' us on Facebook/'followed' us on Twitter yet, now would be a good time to do so!)

I love this whole challenge and how you can participate in so many different ways.  Don't want to commit to a whole month?  Try a week.  There are so many definitions of what is ‘unprocessed' foods and how far to go with it.  I think that no matter what format you do the pledge, it will help you to learn to read labels, look at the foods you are eating and how often you are eating them.  What a great way to get going with Real Food!

Good luck and let us know if you have taken Eating Rules' October Unprocessed pledge!!!



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