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All of you know how much Tamara and I love to ferment foods AND talk about it.  And, when we were asked to share Oh Lardy's point of view on the topic, we jumped at the chance!

Emily, over at Butter Believer, asked us to be guests on her 180 Radio podcast.  She wanted to know all of the ins and outs of fermenting, and we were happy to share!


So, what the heck is 180 Radio?  With 180 Radio, you get instant access to all current and archived shows on a wide variety of topics with expert hosts and guests, offering all kinds of quality information you want to know about, AND you can download the podcasts to listen to whereever you want. Plus, there are NO ADS! New shows added daily, lifetime access to all of the podcasts, and great information!  Sweet!

If you want to check it out, you can start listening to 180 Radio for FREE!

Why not start with our little party about fermenting?  Because whenever Tamara and I chat about fermenting, it is most definitely a party!

Pin for Later: Oh Lardy chats about fermenting!

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