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Giveaway: Planning Children’s Birthday Parties Book

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Planning Children's Birthday Parties

What happens after you decide to have a birthday party?  Planning in advance is essential for surviving!

Libby and Penny detail the necessary information you need for a successful and engaging birthday party.  This book is a great resource that offers realistic, in-depth explanations and strategies beginning with pre-planning, continuing through the party day and beyond.

“What separates Libby and Penny's survival guide from other resources is the attention given to details such as: the importance of a well-planned party timeline based on the activity levels and the ages of children, the reasons behind the suggestions, the importance of social skills, age appropriate activities, understanding budget, communication between parent and child, preparing a child for the unexpected, gift giving and receiving, safety, preparing the party area, and family traditions.  Purchasing materials, deciding on activities and crafts, decorations, and obtaining a cake ideas are all important.  However, without a plan and schedule there is an opportunity for chaos.”

I mentioned yesterday in my post about birthday parties that what most surprised me about this book was that instead of a “how-to” book, it is more of a parenting book that discusses the life skills that are needed and learned during the birthday party process.  I have been missing out on so many teaching moments before I read this book!

Thanks to Libby and Penny, you have a chance to win a copy of Planning Children's Birthday Parties!

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