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Real Food for Real People

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Real Food for Real People - ohlardy.com

Last I checked, we are all real people.  Real living, breathing, eating people.  And I think that since we are all real people, we should eat real food.  But this is no surprise to you!  If you have been a fan of Oh Lardy for any amount of time you know how much we love Real Food around here.  If you ask the average american what they think “real food” is, they may answer with, “anything that is edible.”  Unfortunately, most of the food choices available at your local store are fake food products, jam-packed with calories to give us energy and keep us alive, but completely void of any nutrients essential for nourishing our bodies.  

So, how do we know what is Real?  This is where we have to become expert label readers.  Especially in the grocery store.  Can you pronounce all of the ingredients?  Do you know what they are?  This is a great way to weed out the better options from the not-so-good options.  The other day I was looking for a jar of pepperoncinis.  After grabbing two different jars and a quick scan of the labels I knew that I DIDN'T want the brand that had yellow #5 in it.  My pepperoncinis don't need food dye in them.  Instead I chose the brand that had ingredients that I could identify as real food.  

Tamara and I advocate “knowing your farmer” and sourcing the best food that you can find for your family.  Sometimes, when switching to a real food lifestyle, it can be overwhelming.  And, to complicate things even further, what if you are new to the real food lifestyle AND have a dietary restriction – such as gluten or dairy.  Now you are spending a lot of time reading labels.  You want real food but also recognize that a lot of gluten free and dairy free products are full of junky ingredients you can't even pronounce.  

Have you heard of WB Kitchen?

If you have, then you already know how awesome they are.  If you haven't heard of them, allow me to introduce you.  Meet the lovely folks at WB Kitchen.

WB Kitchen

Don't they look like fun!  I think so.  So what is so great about WB Kitchen?  You guys, they make Real Food for Real People!  

Yes, Real Food with ingredients you can recognize.  Packaged food, that isn't terrible or junky.  And they make it for Real People.  People who can eat anything they want.  People who can't eat dairy.  People who can't eat gluten.  They recognized that they could fill a niche where any person looking for a yummy snack could find a product with real, nourishing ingredients.

WB Kitchen set out to create a brand that the consumer could trust.  When the consumer sees WB Kitchen on the label, they know it is good.  They would love for everyone to cook their own food!  But they also recognize that it is unachievable for some people.  They wanted to create a snack option that anyone could eat and they wanted it to be REAL.

WB Kitchen

These are my kind of people, friends.  They even sent me some of these goodies to try!!  They came at the perfect time, too!  My kiddos were getting bored of the lunches I was making for them.  When these arrived, I knew they would be surprised when they opened their lunches the next day!  When they got home they asked me, “Where did you get that cookie?  Can I have another one tomorrow?”  I knew they were a success if my kids approved!!  Personally, my favorite was the Peanut Butter cookie.  But I am a peanut butter fanatic, so that is no surprise there.  Subtly sweet and the perfect little treat.  Every variety was equally enjoyed in my house.  

GUESS WHAT?  WB Kitchen is offering Oh Lardy fans FREE SHIPPING on their orders!  Simply enter the code ohlardyfree at check out.  This code is case sensitive!

You guys, it gets BETTER!!  WB Kitchen is going to send TWO of you one of each and every product they have.  You get to try them all!!!  Simply enter the Giveaway below for your chance to nibble on these goodies!

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