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Six Natural Ways to Cure a Hangover

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Have you ever had a bit too much to drink?  Woke up the next morning feeling pretty bad?  If you have, I have some tips to help you cure a hangover in a hurry!


Homemade Bone Broth

You sip on bone broth when you aren’t feeling well, right?  Well, my guess is this hangover is having you feel pretty bad.  The minerals in the broth will give you a boost and the gelatin will soothe your aching tummy.  Sprinkle in some sea salt to help your electrolytes as well!


So, this might not be the first thing you want to reach for in the morning, but do it anyway.  TONS of B vitamins and a great detoxifier, kombucha can deliver some much needed nutrients to your body.  Don’t have any kombucha on hand?  Grab your B vitamin supplement to give you a boost.

Detox Bath

Throw some Epsom salts into a nice warm bath and let that magnesium go to work.  It does a great job of pulling those toxins out of your body!  As an extra perk, add some nice essential oils to the mix to help you relax.


You have probably heard this before, but water is great for a hangover.  If you were smart, you drank a lot of water last night.  No?  Well, you can start.  Alcohol can be terribly dehydrating, so grab a glass because it will do your body good.  Sprinkle some sea salt in there while you are at , it will help too.


Remember those B vitamins I mentioned?  Liver is loaded with them and also incredibly nourishing.  If you don’t have any grass fed livers on hand, go ahead and find some desiccated liver tablets, those will work too.

Real Food

If you feel well enough to eat, try to find good real foods to feed your body.  Good fats, plenty of dark leafy greens, and yummy cultured foods!  Try to avoid sugars while your body bounces back to ensure a quicker recovery.

I hope that you are on you way to feeling better!  Rest, more rest, and TLC for your body will have you on the mend in no time!

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  1. Could have used this years ago when I was young and stupid! Maybe I can help my “grown” children at least. 🙂

  2. Kelly,
    A nice Bloody Mary the next afternoon always seemed to work for me (LOL! Just kidding!) But seriously, most of these remedies I am familiar with except the Kombucha. This is new to me. Also you’re right, real food (not fast food or pizza) but vegetables and roughage really help a lot. Really enjoyed your post.

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