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Stitch Fix Review August 2014

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Stitch Fix Review August 2014 - www.ohlardy.com

This post is a bit of a departure from our usual posts of fermented food recipes, detox tips, chicken keeping, benefits of bone broth and other healthy living topics! I have been trying to be better about putting outfits together and Stitch Fix is helping me do that!

I think the end of each month is going to be my new favorite time!  That is when I will be receiving my Stitch Fixes!!!  I received my very first Stitch Fix on August 27 and my next one is scheduled to arrive on September 24!  I am so excited about my new find!  Every month I hope to write a Stitch Fix review to share with you how it is going.  Maybe you will be inspired to get your own fix!

What's Stitch Fix?  

Stitch Fix is an online stylist program.  You fill out your own Stitch Fix Style Profile and their personal stylists will handpick five clothing items and accessories unique to YOUR taste, budget and lifestyle!  You can buy what you like and return the rest with free shipping.    

What's the Catch?

There really isn't one.  First you sign up and let them know all about your style on a pretty extensive survey (glamorous? edgy?  low-rise jeans? preppy?) and you pay a $20 styling fee for the five items to be shipped to you.  If you do not keep any of the five items, you are only out $20.  If you keep anything from the selection, the $20 is applied to your order.  AND if you keep all five items, you get 25% off your entire order!!!  You can ship any items you don't want back to Stitch Fix for free in their handy pre-paid mailer.  

Benefits of a Fix

What are the benefits of participating in Stitch Fix?  They are many!  

1.  Shop from home and try on in your own room!  I hate shopping because I never can find just what I want or forget what I have in my own closet to blend with the new items.  With Stitch Fix, you can try on these new items in your own room, with your own accessories and clothes.  

2.  Free shipping and return shipping.

3.  Benefits of a stylist for free or at the most $20 (if you don't keep any of your items).  I love being able to work with a stylist who will pick items for me that I may never pick for myself.  They are aware of brands and pieces that I would never know existed!

4.  Gets better over time.  I know lots of people who are getting their Stitch Fix and most are very happy!  And, it gets better over time.  As you give feedback with each order, your stylist can really get to know what works for you!

5.  Styling Tips.  With each order you get free styling tips with two different suggestions on how to wear each item.  I desperately need this help.  I am so not creative at making outfits!  

Stitch Fix Review August 2014 - www.ohlardy.com

Putting My ‘Look' Together

Over the past year, I have been working more on putting my ‘look' together.  I am a fairly casual person who works from home and could spend all day in workout gear.  I have been trying to be more ‘put together' with my outfits to look more like a grown up…I am nearing 40 after all!  But really, I like looking pulled together, like I actually got dressed for my day.  I also feel better, have more energy and get more accomplished when I am dressed properly.  I have learned I can still do that and maintain my casual, medium-trendy style.

I have done a few things to help me on this mission:

1.  Last year I hired a stylist from a Trillium (a Chicago Boutique) to come to my house to help with my fashion.  It was wonderful.  She put outfits together, made me a look-book of ideas and ordered me pieces I was missing.  This was really the jumpstart for me!

2.  I took a course in Dressing Your Truth.  I can't recommend this course enough.  You find what style you are based on your personality and energy type.  I found out I was a Type 3 energy which was no surprise to me.  The style and color (my Pinterest board) of the clothing were exactly what I have always felt comfy in and the personality traits matched me to a tee!!!  

3.  Stitch Fix.  I figured I would add Stitch Fix to the mix to help me continue to create ‘grown up', casual, trendy, outfits that fit my energy type!

My August Fix

I was so excited when my fix arrived on my door.  I couldn't wait to dive right in.  Here is a video of me opening my first fix! 


Here are the pieces I received and how I reviewed them.  I think it is interesting that you can almost tell which ones I kept because I look more comfortable in the picture!

Alessandro Chevron Print Button Front Silk Blouse from Amour Vert $118

Stitch Fix Review August 2014 - www.ohlardy.com

Review:  LOVE the fit and feel.  But the pattern is all wrong for me.  I don't do well in strong patterns or black and white combos.  I feel like the shirt is wearing me, not me wearing the shirt.  If this top was in a different color/pattern, I would be all over it.  RETURN

Genny Striped Maxi Dress from Gilli $74

Stitch Fix Review August 2014 - www.ohlardy.com

Review: My husband loved this dress but I think he loved the way hit hugged my curves (which I also liked!).  Again, like the top above, I loved the fit of this dress but not the color pattern.  And I HATE the skinny belt but that is an easy fix.   This dress was super comfy and flattering but for me needs to be in a different color and pattern.  RETURN

 Tatiana Graphic Print Button Front Blouse from Kut From the Cloth $68

Stitch Fix Review August 2014 - www.ohlardy.com

Review:  I love this top.  I love the feel of the fabric, the fit and the color.  This shirt did blend with my style and while it is hard to tell the little designs are a rusty raspberry color shaped like angular/diamond patterns.  I like that I could dress it up with dark skinny jeans and heels or down with rolled up boyfriend jeans and sandals.  The shirt is very sheer and I can play with what I wear underneath.  KEEP

Rawley French Terry Lace Trim Blazer from Tart $128

Stitch Fix Review August 2014 - www.ohlardy.com

Review: I really didn't like this at all.  In fact, I am laughing at myself in this picture!  I have a few blazers and always feel uncomfortable in them.  This material was very sweatshirt like and if I liked blazers it would be comfortable.  I don't like the color gray and thought it was blah.  And it had a lace detail on the back and shoulders and I am not a big lace person.  And for $128?  No way. RETURN

Andi Ikat Print Maxi Skirt from Papermoon $58

 Stitch Fix Review August 2014 - www.ohlardy.com

Review:  This was right up my alley.  I love comfy maxi skirts that I can wear with flip flops or wedges.  I think this skirt will work well into fall and am excited to try different tops with it.  The color has a denim look to it so I am keeping it!  It was pretty long and you can't tell that I have it pretty much hiked up really high. A simple hemming will fix that! KEEP

So, what did I think of my Stitch Fix overall?  I have to say, I was happy overall.  Even though I am returning 3 items, I feel the stylist is on the right track.  She pretty much nailed my style (except the blazer) but I feel she didn't look at my Pinterest board at all as none of these colors (except the purple top) would have been on the board.  

One of the great things about Stitch Fix is you can leave comments after your fix, so I made sure to remind her to look at the Pinterest board and gave feedback on each item!

My next fix is scheduled for September 24th!  I can't wait!!!

Are you going to give Stitch Fix a try?

Important Note: I am not being paid to promote Stitch Fix!  I just really am enjoying it and want to share!  If you sign up for Stitch Fix using any of the links in this post, I will receive credit toward my credits.  When you sign up for your fix you can earn credits too!!!

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  1. I LOVE Stitch Fix! It’s so much easier than going from store to store trying to find pieces I like with a baby on my hip. I think I’ll schedule my next one now!

  2. The Genny Striped Maxi dress looked spectacular on you. You wear the stripes well. I know that it was rather figure hugging, but it was flattering in a very classy way. I hope that helps for the future. I think your stylist had it right on with this choice.

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