Organic, Antibiotic-free Meat: Why is it Better?

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By Leslie Vandever If you like meat, you’ll probably agree that there’s hardly anything tastier than a thick, savory hamburger fresh off the grill with all the fixings. But what if that hamburger is instrumental in making you sick? Like most of the other meats available for sale in your local grocery stores, hamburger and other cuts of beef are … Read More

A Little Perspective From Honduras

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A Little Perspective From Honduras -

I just returned from a week long humanitarian trip to Honduras. It was my second year going on this trip and it was just as rewarding as the first time! Getting away from our “First World problems” really helps to put some perspective back into your life. Here at Oh Lardy, we spend a lot of time talking about real … Read More

Guess what? You’re Buying Fake Maple Syrup!

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Guess What? Your Maple Syrup is Fake! -

This post has been rattling around in my head for almost a year! Last summer, my husband, daughter and I were staying at a mountain cabin we share with other family members.  We took some time to clean out the refrigerator and pantry….Nothing was rotten, just tossing things that had expired, dressings that were mostly empty, etc.  You know those … Read More

Is your Greek yogurt really Greek yogurt?

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Greek yogurt has gained tremendous popularity over the past several years.  Plain Greek yogurt is supposed to be higher in protein and lower in sugar and has a thicker consistency than plain regular yogurt.  People have really fallen in love with it! I was first introduced to Greek-style yogurt in 1996, while living in Amman, Jordan.  A container of lebneh (similar … Read More

Does your grocery store sell food?

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Does Your Grocery Store Sell Food? -

The photo above made the rounds on Facebook recently.  It made me cringe then and it makes me cringe now.  I am sure many people would look at this and think “What’s the big deal?  It’s just a picture of a grocery store.”  However, when I look at an image like this, I think…”Where’s the food?”  I am sure there … Read More