FDA Finally Changes Prescription Recommendations for High-Dose Acetominophen

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Is Tylenol the Most Dangerous Drug on the Market? Why are People Still Using This??? - www.ohlardy.com

I am continually surprised at the FDA’s complete failure at keeping our food and drug supply safe.  Many people reach for this medication below for themselves, their children daily.  I even remember commercials where this was the medicine ‘hospitals used most.’  I wanted to share this Dr. Mercola article with you so you could learn a little bit about the … Read More

Real Food Transition: Sea Salt

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Real Food Transition: Salt - www.ohlardy.com

Salt has a rich history in our society.  Originating in living oceans or from dried up sea beds, salt is an essential nutrient for humans and throughout time people have searched high and low to find it.  Salt was widely traded with salt routes criss-crossing the Earth.  Salt was oftentimes traded ounce for ounce with gold; salt was literally worth … Read More