Relaxing – Linen Spray Recipe

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Relaxing Linen Spray with Essential Oils -

Linen Spray Recipe Do you ever need a little help relaxing at night?  This linen spray recipe will be so helpful for you!  You will crawl into bed and melt away… I love using Young Living Essential Oils to support my family’s sleep.  We oftentimes diffuse oils like Cedarwood, Lavender or Peace and Calming blend.  But I love keeping this linen … Read More

Back to School with Essential Oils

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Get Back to School with These Essential OIls

Do you have a child who is heading back to school and wondering how you can use essential oils?   Oh Lardy is committed to using Young Living Essential Oils as we feel they are the purest essential oils around.   There are so many that are great for kids, for adults and for back to school.  I really feel we … Read More