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Tallow: Nature’s Skincare

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I first met Shalley the Buffalo Gal last year at the Weston A Price conference in Atlanta, GA.  Tamara and I sampled her skin care products and oooh'd and aaah'd over the awesome lip whips she had!!  Several weeks ago Shalley spoiled us with a goodie box filled with her amazing tallow products.  I did a happy dance because I had been wanting a good tallow based skincare to replace my homemade version.  Mine just smelled too….beefy.  

So, why tallow?

Tallow in skin care isn't a new fad.  Traditional cultures used tallow for food, fuel, cleansing, and for soothing irritated and weathered skin.  There is good reason for this, too!  Tallow has a fatty acid profile of 50-55% stable saturated fats.  Similar to the lipids in our own skin, tallow is easily recognized by our bodies.  Tallow is readily absorbed, enhancing the bioavailability of the abundant nutrients.  

Tallow from grass fed cows is especially nutrient dense.  Water Buffalo tend to have a broader palate than cattle, thus have a slightly richer profile in their meat and fat.  Tallow contains a lovely balance of the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K along with their activators.  It is abundant in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which can have an anti-inflammatory effect and palmitoleic acid – a fatty acid that is anti-microbial and promotes soft, youthful skin.  

The EWG Database gave tallow the best possible safety ranking!  Tallow's fatty acid profile allows the abundant nutrients to be preserved without refrigeration for extended periods of time.  Plus, you can eat tallow, too!!  Our skin is our largest organ, absorbing 70% of what we put on it.  Why not absorb something wonderful and nutritious?

And the best part?  It feels AMAZING!!!  I have fallen in love with several of her products.  I noticed that my husband is using them, too!!  

First, the lip whips are unlike any lip balm I have ever used.  They are light and fluffy and incredibly moisturizing.  I don't have to use a lip balm as often because my lips are so healthy!  Tamara loves the lemongrass lip balm and I am partial to the peppermint lip whip.  

The Farm Girl's Fresh Face has officially become my favorite moisturizer for my face.  It is great for oily skin and I LOVE putting it on under makeup.  It isn't greasy, goes on smoothly and feels amazing.  I love that it has lavender AND frankincense to soothe my skin.  A little goes a long way so this jar will last me a while.  

My other favorite is the Farm Girl's Friend.  Since I live in Phoenix and our winters are pretty mild, I am lucky enough to be able to wear flip flops in January.  As a result, my heels get dry and cracked quite frequently.  I started using this moisturizer on my feet at night and have noticed an immediate difference!  My heels are healing!  And quickly, too!  This jar has a permanent place on my nightstand!

I mentioned that I noticed my husband has been using the products as well.  I found the tube of Hand Salve-ation on his sink!  The skin on his knuckles and fingers split easily in the dry winter.  He has been using this every day and his hands have healed and they are staying that way!!  

I really can't say enough about Shalley and her amazing products.  Her moisturizers are the best I have ever tried.  And guess what?  She is going to give you a DISCOUNT!!!

Special Oh Lardy Discount!!

Shalley is offering all of you Oh Lardy readers a 10% discount!  Visit her site and just enter the code ohlardy at checkout to get 10% off of your entire order.  

Meet Shalley, The Buffalo Gal

Shalley, The Buffalo Gal - ohlardy.com

Shalley grew up on a small farm and has always been a health, nutrition, and natural living advocate. She has been a holistic practitioner for 18 years and currently lives on a farm in Monroe, GA (Carrell Farms, Inc.) with her husband, David, and two teenage step sons. They raise water buffalo, alpacas, and 25 species of parrots in an endangered species program.

They started Buffalo Gal Grassfed Beauty as a way to respectfully utilize as much of every animal harvested as they can — it's truly a value-added business. A few years ago Shalley was looking for new ways to use their tallow and came up with the idea of making lip balms (since she is a lip balm addict). She absolutely loved how her skin felt whenever she spilled tallow on herself, which quickly led Shalley to begin formulating other skincare products. It became a passion.  

Carrier oils added to their tallow to make it spreadable are very carefully selected to add specific benefit and for their purity of processing and compatible shelf life. Only organic, non-chemically processed oils are used. 

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Using Tallow to soften your skin. It is an amazing product. Nature's Skincare! Right now Buffalo Girl GrassFed Beauty is offering Oh Lardy readers 10% off her awesome tallow skin care products! Click here to get the coupon code!


  1. I would love to try the facial moisturizer. I have really dry skin and live in NM. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the drawing!!

  2. I would love to try the hand-salv-ation. I work with paper everyday and my hands get super dry to the point of cracking.

  3. The lip whip sounds great and I really need it! I’m also in need of a new facial moisturizer, so….I’d love to try tallow.

  4. Thanks! I would appreciate the opportunity to try anything from Nature’s Skincare; the products sound interesting. Great backstory! 🙂

  5. I also live in Minnesota and the cold here really does a job on drying out our skin ! I would love to try ANY of the Nature’s Skincare products ! They sound awesome and am sure they are luxurious as well !

  6. The new Tallow Soap (Warm Vanilla Sugar) sounds fabulous. What a way to treat yourself every time you wash your hands! The Vanilla Nutmeg lip balm is also on my HAVE TO HAVE list!!!!

  7. Awesome giveaway!! Such unique products! I would LOVE to try the “Farm Girl’s Friend Facial Moisturizer. Thank You for this opportunity!-Danielle

  8. I would love to try Tallow Soap – Balsam & Tussah Silk. It sounds luxurious, and the scent would be lovely. I’ve never used tallow in my body care recipes. I’d love to use this soap! Thanks!

  9. I need to try Farm Girls Friend. I have hard rough skin on my heels, especially the right heel. I have tried numerous creams, lotions and salves and nothing has worked including using a pedi file. Thank you

  10. I would love to try the Farm Girl’s Friend, the Sweet Peace Body Whip and the Balsam and Tussah Silk Tallow Soap for starters! Thanks for doing this great giveaway!

  11. I would love to try the Farm Girl’s Fresh Face (oily skin / under makeup or the Eye REVIVE – Herbal Tallow & Sandalwood Eye Treatment. They both sound wonderful! Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway and giving us a chance to try these!!

  12. I couldn’t wait… I went ahead ordered a few lip whips and the Farm Girls Friend . Definitely wanna try the Tallow & Emu Creme when it comes back in stock though. Thanks for the giveaway and the discount code!

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