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My Top 10 oils outside of the Everyday Oils Collection

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Kelly's top 10 oils

The Everyday Oils collection is amazing.  There are so many oils in there that I use ALL of the time.  And my most favorite oils come from that collection.  However, those are just the tip of the iceberg!  There are so many oils I have yet to try.  

While I do find myself using thieves, lavender, and purification on a daily basis, there are a bunch of other oils that I have to tell you about!  I may not use these oils every day, but I am SO glad I have them in my oily arsenal.  


This is the first oil I bought outside of the everyday oils collection.  This oil is one of the most powerful and versatile essential oils. I am now mixing this and other oils into an empty veggie capsule for an oily immune boost this winter.


This is the oil is a valuable aid for digestive support.  A few drops rubbed all over the belly is great for digestive support.  My children know this works and ask for it any time they need it.  

Melaleuca alternifolia

Otherwise known as Tea Tree oil.  This stuff is amazing.  And can be used for SO many things.  I like to keep it on hand.


On its own, Cedarwood doesn't smell that great.  However, when paid with Lavender it smells AMAZING.  It is relaxing and soothing.  I keep a lavender/cedarwood bath salt mixture and diffuse it with lavender in my children's rooms.  It is also one of the oils I use in a blend I make for my son to help him with focus.


This oil is lovely for skin.  When diffused, it can help get rid of odors as well!

R.C. blend

I recently received this oil as a gift and I am SO glad I have it.  My daughter needed support and I was able to rub this on her chest to support her respiratory system.  


This is another great oil for respiratory support.  I like to use this alternated with RC with my kids.  If we ever need any respiratory support, Raven will definitely be a go to oil!


I love all of the citrus oils, but I just have a soft spot for grapefruit.  The light and fresh scent puts me in a good mood.  Diffused with peppermint is amazing.  But my most favorite diffusing combo is grapefruit and ylang ylang.  

Ylang Ylang

I love the intoxicating scent of ylang ylang.  It is one ingredient in the Sensation blend.  The scent is just lovely.  Feminine, sweet, and when I diffuse it with grapefruit my home smells divine.  


This oil smells amazing!  Since it is one of the oils in the Purification blend, it is no wonder I love Purification so much.  I like to put lemongrass on my dryer balls to give my laundry a fresh and clean scent!

It was so hard to pick only 10!!  What are your favorite oils outside of the Everyday Oils collection?  Please share!  


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Kelly's top 10 oils