Why You Should Use a Neti Pot Every Day

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Why You Should Use a Neti Pot Every Day
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One of the things I like to do regularly during the winter season is to use a neti pot.  I used to only use one when I would get stuffed up, as a way to clear the blocked sinus passages.  

However, a couple of years ago I was talking to my doctor about what he does to stay healthy during the winter.  In addition to the usual healthy immune system support suggestions such as bone broth, Vitamin D, sleep, fermented foods, etc., he likes to use a neti pot every day to clear out the germs in the nasal passages.  

I had never thought to use a neti pot prophylactically!    

I started using one several times a week (I would like to say I use one every day, but I don't do anything every single day…too hard to remember!).  I try to get my daughter to do it as well.  We use it particularly after being in crowded places, traveling, etc.  

What is a Neti Pot?

First of all, what is a neti pot? Neti pot is used for nasal irrigation.  The neti pot has been around for centuries, stemming from Ayurvedic medicine but is just now becoming popular in the US.

Your neti pot will come with instructions but generally you fill the device with lukewarm/warm water (preferably distilled or previously boiled) with 1 teaspoon of salt.  Oftentimes, the neti pot comes with little sachets of salt in the correct amount.   

You fill the neti pot, dissolve the salt and tilt your head over the sink at a 45 degree angle.  You place the spout into your nostril and pour the saline solution.  The saline solution flows through the nasal cavity and out the other nostril.  

Then you blow your nose and repeat on the other side.  

Sometimes it is pretty amazing what comes out of your nose when doing the neti pot. 🙂


Types of Nasal Irrigation Devices

There are several different types of devices to use for nasal irrigation.  I have these 3: 

 Do you use a neti pot?  

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Why You Should Use a Neti Pot Every Day


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