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3 Benefits of Gelatin in Your Diet

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3 Reasons to Add Gelatin To Your Diet

Gelatin truly is a superfood.  And you can add it to your diet in so many ways: bone broth, gelatin added to coffee, homemade gummy candies, jello and more!  In addition to being good for your hair and skin, there are 3 additional benefits of gelatin that you should think about!

1.  Can help with bone healing.

Gelatin can help soothe inflammation during the initial healing stage of a break and speed healing.  Hopefully I won't be needing gelatin to help with this but it will be helpful for those who have broken bones!

2.  Can help repair joints.

My husband and I add gelatin to our coffee every morning to help with joint issues.  And, guess what?  It really works!  Glycine and Proline (which are found in collagenwhich is in gelatin) are critical for the production of new cartilage.

3.   Can heal leaky gut.

If you suffer from leaky gut, you can get help!  In addition to avoiding foods that are inflammatory and irritating to your body, gelatin can heal your gut.  Gelatin calms and repairs the intestinal tract.

These 3 benefits just tap the surface of the amazing healing powers of gelatin.

According to the Sylvie McCracken, author of The Gelatin Secret:

For centuries it has widely been known that gelatin has many “natural healing powers”. Ordinary gelatin, while known to reverse inflammation, soothe joint pain, boost energy and help damaged skin, hair, and nails has many other benefits. Problem is few people know ALL of the amazing benefits, or how they can quickly, cheaply and easily include this super-food into their daily diet through simple and delicious home recipes or convenient all-natural powdered solutions. Is it any wonder then why so many people turn to expensive and often dangerous pharmaceutical drugs as well as over the counter alternatives to alleviate and combat symptoms that have caused more than 104.7 million ambulatory care visits and 20 million surgical procedures.

I usually get my gelatin in 3 ways:

If you are looking to find out everything you need to know about the benefits of gelatin, you have to check out Sylvie McCracken's new book, The Gelatin Secret.

Sylvie, from The Hollywood Homestead, goes into great detail about the science behind the benefits of gelatin and gives you over 45 recipes that will make it easy for you to add gelatin to your diet everyday!

I can't wait to give some of these recipes a go!  I am especially excited about her 12 different jello and gummy recipes!  And her recipes for getting gelatin in puddings and ice cream are genius!  And did I mention marshmallow recipes???  I want to try them all!

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    1. Yes, great question! I updated the post to reflect that! I use Great Lakes brand. The orange bottle gels (to make jello). The green one does not (for easy mixing when non gel is desired).

  1. What a timely post! I’ve been thinking of getting the Great Lakes gelatin, but I’m not sure if to get the gelatin or the collagen. Do you use both or just one? I’m just not sure which one to get and which one to give my kiddos.

    1. It depends what you are going to do with it. If you are making jello/gummy snacks you want the orange can because that one gels. If you are adding it to drinks (coffee, smoothies, etc) and do not want it to gel, get the green can!!!

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