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Friends Don’t Let Friends Miss Out On These Oils!

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Friends Don't Let Friends Have These Unopened in Their Cabinet!

When I received my first essential oil starter kit, I really didn't know what to do. The only reason I bought it was for the Thieves blend and a diffuser.  I then branched into using Lavender to relax, Peppermint to help us perk up and support our digestion.  Any of the bottles that I was unfamiliar with (Frankincense, Joy, Peace and Calming, Valor), I just kept unopened in a drawer.  

Then I started learning more about essential oils and educating myself and started bringing out all my starter kit oils and using them for myriad things…diffusing, using topically, making my own products like lotion, bath salts and hand soap.  

I seriously can't even imagine my life now without oils!

Two of my absolute hands down favorite oils aren’t even available right now for purchase because they are so incredibly popular that Young Living members HOARD them in fear of them not being available at any moment.  And one of my favorites is so popular it goes in and out of stock quite often!!

Young Living would be quite business savvy to find a way to keep these oils available ALL the TIME but they do not – I repeat DO NOT – compromise on quality and effectiveness so they sadly keep these oils off the market while they wait for a completely pure and real source of certain oils in these blends to be found…which is rare for special and precious oils like Rosewood and Blue Tansy.

So we wait…ever so patiently for them to be in stock. And in the meantime, I ration them!!!

Which oils are these? Valor and Peace & Calming and Joy.

You know – if you signed up with Young Living back in a year or two ago, you got these three precious oil blends. You own them. So where are they? Are they sitting unopened in your bathroom or bedroom? Still in the box? The box you were too overwhelmed to open and use because you weren’t sure how?

Friends DO NOT let Friends…

You know friends don’t let friends let Joy, Valor and Peace & Calming go unused.  I can't tell you how much I love these three oils.  

We use Valor in our home during times of occasional anxiety…before I teach a class and speak in front of a large group; before my husband (a sports radio and tv host) goes on air; before my daughter performs in a play.  And, when I really need support with sleeping…diffusing Valor and Cedarwood is an absolute life saver!!!

And as for Peace & Calming – the oil that is sung in praise by moms everywhere for calming crazy kids at all points of the day and night? Kelly and I both love using it with our kids to help them calm down and relax!!!

And Joy is such a lovely scent.  I diffuse it often when my daughter wakes up on the ‘wrong side of the bed'.  I can't imagine not having this blend in my home. 

Young Living has released Valor II and Peace & Calming II (which is Young Living‘s substitute blend while we all wait patiently for the real thing to come back) which have the same therapeutic benefits as it has a similar frequency on purpose but with minor changes to the blend to make it available to you.

But I believe Valor and Peace & Calming are the absolute best oil blends Young Living has ever made – yes – even better than Thieves in my opinion. Hands down.  It is crazy to think when I got my first kit, I had no idea what to use them for!

And Joy…well…it is just makes me so happy!!!!

You might be thinking…why would I ever order again from Young Living when I can buy oils on Amazon or Walmart or even Target? What really is the difference anyway?

This is Young Living.  The oldest essential oil company in the world.  The only company that owns farms and distilleries around the globe.  The only one with a Seed to Seal guarantee.

THIS is what keeps me an active member: These UNIQUE BLENDS you cannot find anywhere else. So if you ever got started with Young Living with Oh Lardy and for some reason – maybe because we did not show you how to use them and maybe you missed our support group and videos and just plain did not use them – could you do ONE of two things for me please?

  1. Crack open your Joy, Valor and Peace & Calming and use them daily for the next week or so and comment below to let me know what you thought. Diffuse them, apply them topically…whatever!!!   If you have become an inactive member and want to reactivate you can do that by calling Young Living at 1-800-371-3515 to reactivate for no fee.  Be sure you use our member number, 1765483, when you reactivate so you can receive our amazing support!  Just let us know how we can serve you better. 
  2. Comment below or email me at [email protected] so we can take them off your hands for $60? I mean…they just shouldn’t sit there unopened and unused. We LOVE our Valor and Peace & Calming and Joy and would love to take them off your hands.  (only have 1 bottle?  We will take it off your hands for $20). 

And if you reading this and love Valor or Peace & Calming or Joy as much as we do…please comment and share all the reasons you love it and how you use it. I am sure the folks reading this who don’t realize what they are missing yet would like to hear it.

And for those who didn’t get Valor or Peace & Calming in their starter kit, there is an option for you right now: Valor II and Peace & Calming II.  So go snag those because they are formulated to be of the same chemical make up even if it doesn’t smell exactly the same it does carry with it the same benefits so it is worth the investment to get some!

And hey – if you are totally new to oils and reading this and thinking wow I want to learn more and get started today you can click here to get the scoop.


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