My Goal For the Month: Green Drink EVERY Day!

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Drink a Green Drink Every Day -
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Do you set goals for yourself?  Does it work?  Do you reach them?

I work with people every week on their goal setting as a health coach.  Yet, I don't always succeed at setting goals for myself!

Last month I made a goal to do oil pulling every day and have!!!  I am noticing many of the health benefits of oil pulling which is great.  I fully intend to keep it up.  Now I have a new goal for the month!

In my oil pulling post, I said I was going to set a new goal each week.  Well, I have realized that is a bit ambitious.  Goals should be attainable, right?  So, my new thing will be a new goal for the MONTH!   That way I can really work on the goal and have it become part of my routine.

This month, my goal is to have a green juice or smoothie EVERY DAY.  Think I can do it???

Why am I doing this?  I am a believer that a majority of our food should be eaten…not drunk.  And I do eat plenty of vegetables.  But I really think I could have more.

Also, I don't know about you, but in the winter, I just don't eat as many veggies.  I would like to, but without my garden, my CSA, farmer's markets, it just seems like more of a hassle.  (That is lazy, I know, but just being honest!)

There is actually a lot of controversy out there over whether drinking your veggies (either in juice form or smoothie form) is good for you.  I try not to get caught up in all of that.  I am not juicing or making smoothies to make up for a poor diet.  I am using this in addition to all my other real food I ingest!

Why green drinks?  Green vegetables are the food we are missing most in our diets.  And they are the #1 food you can eat regularly to improve your health!

I will share next week on the benefits of green vegetables and some of my favorite juice/smoothie recipes!

Until then…wish me luck!  Want to join me???

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Drink a Green Drink Every Day -

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2 Comments on “My Goal For the Month: Green Drink EVERY Day!”

  1. “There is actually a lot of controversy out there over whether drinking your veggies (either in juice form or smoothie form) is good for you.”

    I don’t know whether or not it’s good for me but I can tell a difference in how I feel determined on whether I juice or not. My husband is getting on the same boat. We are buying tiller tines this week that we really can’t afford because we see the value in growing and juicing our own fruits and vegetables. It’s that important.

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