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How to Control Acne – From the Inside and Out

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Skin Support From the Inside Out

Readers of Oh Lardy know that we focus on supporting your body inside and out…with foods like fermented foods , grass fed meat and bone broth, chiropractic care, supporting body systems with essential oils, getting rid of toxic chemicals in your cleaning and personal care products and so much more!

What about when you battle acne?

Acne can be a frustrating battle for both adolescents and adults!  Often times, people are prescribed medications, prescription pills and harsh chemicals and cleansers to clear it up.  

Our friends from Pressed Vibrance have given us some great tips to help control acne…from the inside and out!

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It is important to take a whole-body, integrative approach to supporting the skin inside and out.

Support your skin from the inside by eliminating inflammatory foods and increasing nutrient-rich ones high in skin supporting vitamins.

Support your skin from the outside by using ingredients with healing, anti-inflammatory, and hydrating properties, which all lead to a rejuvenated, blemish free skin.

Support Your Skin From the Outside

What you put ON your body, is just as important as what you put IN your body!  Using ingredients that are exfoliating and nourishing are key to controlling acne.  

Sugar scrub can be a great way to exfoliate lingering dead skin cells and help heal the skin. 

Shea butter can replenish your skin with essential fatty acids and vitamins which help improve skin elasticity and improve skin appearance.  Although shea butter is solid and thick like traditional butter, it doesn’t clog pores like others would do. In fact, it helps heal and clear acne scars. 

Cocoa Butter is known for its natural power of anti-inflammation, anti-aging, collagen retention and production.  

How to Control Acne - from inside and outside

Our friends at Pressed Vibrance have some wonderful products that fit the bill with these nourishing ingredients.  They offer a Vibrant Skin Package that consists of a deep exfoliating and moisturizing sugar scrub, moisturizing, rich body butter and nourishing bath melts.  All natural, non-GMO ingredients, designed to nourish and protect your skin from the outside.  

Learn all about how you can get Pressed Vibrance's Vibrant Skin Package.

Support Your Skin From the Inside

Acne is often due to hormone imbalances, and consuming inflammatory-foods such as refined sugar, gluten and dairy, will exacerbate the situation.  Your body needs is a way to realign and get back to a balanced state. 

Here are 3 foods you can add to your diet to help you control your acne!

Bone Broth – You know that at Oh Lardy we are big proponents of the benefits of bone broth!  Like we LOVE bone broth…we even wrote a book about it!

The magic elixir of healthy foods, delicious bone broth is chock-full of essential vitamins and minerals. Good bone broth is usually made the traditional way – in small batches and slow simmered over low heat for at least 24 hours. This gives the bone marrow, collagen and amino acids time to leach into and enrich the broth.

Bone broth is rich in collagen and amino acids.  Collagen is responsible for giving the skin its elasticity, hair its strength, and connective tissue its ability to hold everything in place. The body’s natural collagen production declines with age. Many modern lifestyle factors such as stress, poor diet, gut health and imbalances can also decrease the body’s ability to produce collagen.

Daily consumption of bone broth promotes also beautiful acne-free skin by allowing the maximum digestive absorption of skin-vital nutrients such as beta carotene, vitamin A and Vitamin E.

Alkaline water allows the largest organ, the skin, to be well-hydrated while at the same time creating balance in your body that helps prevent acidity.

Cucumber has been shown to beneficial in revitalizing the skin, as well as rejuvenate the skin on a cellular level.

Aronia Berries are very high in antioxidants which is helpful for healing the skin.

Our friends at Pressed Vibrance have created a ‘Beauty Elixir' that is a combination of the alkaline water, cucumber, and aronia.  This makes a delightfully refreshing beverage you can enjoy and help your skin look amazing. 

Cold Pressed Juices often contain ingredients that boost your skins natural ability to regenerate and glow.

To maintain maximum benefits, cold pressed just is never pasteurized, high-pressure processed or heated.  Cold pressed juices are rapidly absorbed by the boodstream which allows your body to efficiently repair and cleanse itself to start anew.


Our friends from Pressed Vibrance offer an entire Skin From Within package that includes the bone broth, elixir and juices!

You can take care of your skin…from the INSIDE and the OUTSIDE!  Making healthier choices will allow you to live your most vibrantly healthy life!

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Enjoy and take care of your skin from the INSIDE OUT!

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Skin Support From the Inside Out

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