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Learn to Ferment in 20 Minutes!

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Learn to Ferment in 20 Minutes

Recently, I recorded a video tutorial on how to ferment fruits and veggies with my friends Amanda and Michael Hinman, owners of Hinman Holistic Health Institute.   I love sharing the beauty of fermenting!!

Amanda and Michael own a powerful institute, Hinman Holistic Health Institute, where they work with families to help guide them to learn skills to have consistent messages for the children, to recognize the bio-individuality in all the family members and to make better choices for the family's mind, body and spirit.  

They have graciously asked me to be part of their team, along with a slew of other healthy lifestyle experts and I couldn't be more honored.  

If you follow Oh Lardy, I know you either love to ferment or are curious about fermenting!  There are so many benefits to fermented foods and the recipes are delicious, whether they are dilly carrots, sauerkraut, berries, orange juice...whatever!!!

Enjoy this short fermentation course video and I hope it inspires you to get some bacteria action going in your home!

Learn to Ferment in 20 Minutes! - www.ohlardy.com

Does the topic of fermenting baffle you?  We created a Fermenting eCourse just for you and when you sign up, we will send you a Quick Start Guide!  Grab the eCourse and the guide here!

Want to learn even more?  Get our great e-book: Oh Lardy's Guide to Fermenting Fruits and Vegetables.  All you need to know to ferment and 40 recipes!!

Oh Lardy's Guide to Fermenting Fruits and Vegetables


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Learn to Ferment in 20 Minutes


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  2. What a great video! I love the idea of spreading information about fermentation to families. I wish more families knew of the benefits of it and how utterly positive the effects can be on our bodies. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

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