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Making Cultured Butter…it’s so easy!!!

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How to Make Homemade Cultured Butter - www.ohlardy.com

Last week, I made several different versions of cultured sour cream.  This is essentially sour cream that has been naturally soured…by using good bacteria to eat the sugars in the cream to create a wonderfully probiotic-rich, enzyme-filled, nourishing sour cream.

This week, I decided to take some of that sour cream and turn it into cultured butter!

Why cultured butter?  Cultured butter is delicious and has much of the probiotic activity and benefits of the cultured cream!  It is delicious spread on toast, topped on vegetables, anything!!!

To make the cultured butter, I took my sour cream and put it in my stand mixer.  I set my mixer to high and just waited.  I have done this numerous times and it takes between 10 to 25 minutes.  I just kept the mixer on high, stood there, and answered some emails on my phone while the cream whipped!  You don't want to get too far away because when the butter finally separates, it splashes quite a bit!!

At this point, it still has a way to go to become butter, but this would make delicious cultured whipping cream!  Sometimes, I take a little bit out at this point, add a touch of vanilla and maple syrup…and voila!  A delicious whipped cream to serve with fruit!  Talk about a nourishing, probiotic-rich treat!!

As it whips, it goes from ‘whipped' to a bit firmer in texture.  Keep whipping…not there yet!

Now we have butter!  This happens quick as the fat all coagulates and the buttermilk releases!  At this point, turn off your mixer or you will have splattered buttermilk everywhere!!

Now I strain the butter, being sure to save all that delicious buttermilk.  Then I take this mass of butter and continue to squeeze and squeeze over the strainer until all of the buttermilk is released.  This can be messy!

I then took some parchment paper and rolled the butter in the parchment to firm up in the refrigerator.  And I poured the buttermilk into a small glass jar.

What should you do with all of that buttermilk?  Don't waste it!  You can use it to culture more sour cream of course!  Here are 10 uses for buttermilk.  And here is a delicious recipe for buttermilk biscuits from Jenny at Nourished Kitchen.

This butter is delicious!  You don't want to cook with it as you will kill the live cultures. But serve it as you normally would butter!  It has almost a slightly sharp cheesy flavor.  My daughter often eats it as a small slice of cheese!

Cultured Butter



  • Place sour cream in a stand mixer
  • Turn mixer on high.
  • Continue to mix until butter and buttermilk separate.
  • Squeeze butter until all the buttermilk has come out of the butter. I just use my hands over a strainer. It is messy!
  • Now you have delicious cultured butter and buttermilk.


How to Make Homemade Cultured Butter - www.ohlardy.com


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  1. I am fairly new to this site. Chickens 101 got me hooked. Now I read almost all the blogs! My question or request is do you have or do a recipe for a sourdough starter???? My Grandpa always had one on the top shelf in the back of his frig. Yummiest pancakes ever!! My Mom said she was missing something and Grandpa had already passed. Now my Mom has passed and missing them both. But some yummy sourdough pancakes would be awesome!

  2. Nice idea , using sour cream. How much cream did you start with and about how much butter did it yield?

    1. I used a pint of sour cream and got about 8 ounces of buttermilk and a ‘stick’ of butter. You can see the log shape of butter in one of the pictures. It is the size of a stick of butter, maybe a but larger!

  3. Don’t have a stand mixer? Fill a jar up 40% then shake. After five minutes you’ll have the whipped cream. Another 3-5 you get butter and butter milk!

  4. After pouring off the majority of the buttermilk, could you whip in some honey to make honey butter? Or would that be bad since this is cultured and that would be adding a lot of sugar?

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