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My Frappuccino Protein Smoothie Recipe

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Frappuccino Protein Smoothie Recipe

There are lots of ways to add protein to a smoothie but often I like to add protein powder to my smoothie after a hard workout.  It is something I do and feel is important for my recovery.  One day I had a little coffee leftover from my morning cup and I came up with this smoothie…my favorite post workout drink!  It's my Frappuccino Protein Smoothie.

Now, I do not think that protein powder is necessarily a real food.  I also strongly believe there are good and not so good protein powders. Some real foodies argue that protein powders are not considered a real food and what the problems can be with them.  I agree with much of what she says, yet I still choose to use a protein powder.  Why?


For me the most important definitely is the convenience factor.  Yes, I know, I am authoring a real food blog, but let's face it…I still buy packaged foods, on occasion, for convenience **gasp**.  I just try to make sure they are the highest quality and nourishing for our bodies.  Many of my days consist of dropping my daughter of at school, working out, racing home to shower/change, then turning around to run out the door to do a million errands, etc. before I have to pick her up.  It's the life of a typical suburban mom, I guess!  For my purpose of post-workout protein, I absolutely could eat a chicken breast, an egg, even some Greek yogurt.  But, this smoothie is super convenient and easy to make on the fly!  I throw this stuff in the blender (once you make it often, you don't even need to measure anymore), pour it in a cup and drink it while I walk upstairs to shower.  It couldn't be more convenient and delicious!


While I could grab some hard boiled eggs or yogurt and do the same thing (eat them while going upstairs to shower), I really don't want to.  After a hard workout, the last thing I want is to eat eggs or chicken.  I am not that hungry right after I work out and I would have to force myself to eat a real food source of protein.  The thought of that makes my stomach lurch.  Maybe that isn't everyone's issue after working out, but for me a drinkable smoothie is more desirable.

Quality of protein:

I choose to use a high quality non-denatured whey protein powder from grass fed cows.  It has been recommended to me by a nutritionist who understands holistic principles and is well versed in Weston A Price/Traditional food philosophy, but understands the need for a protein powder once in awhile!  My husband and I both like the flavor and texture of this protein and it is our go to for protein powder.  I prefer the natural (unflavored) kind.  He prefers the vanilla and chocolate.  We get all three, so I use whatever is on hand.

Here are the details on making the smoothie.  This is just a template…you can add or subtract ingredients as you see fit.  And if you aren't into the protein powder thing, no worries!  Skip that part and it is still a delicious snack!  

Frappuccino Protein Smoothie

A great way to use leftover coffee and get a delicious protein boost!


  • 1 cup whole organic milk
  • 1/4 or more cup leftover black coffee
  • 1 scoop grass fed chocolate protein powder
  • 5-6 cubes of ice less if using frozen banana
  • 1/2 frozen banana optional; gives creamy texture; adds a bit of banana flavor
  • 1-2 brazil nuts
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds optional


  • Blend on high until smooth.
  • I use my Vitamix's 'smoothie' setting.
  • If you like it more slushy, just use more ice.


Add ins:
1 tbsp coconut oil
1 tbsp unsweetened shredded coconut
1 tbsp hemp seeds
1 cup washed spinach (will change the color of your smoothie but you will NOT detect the taste; this is true for adding spinach to most smoothies)


Another favorite smoothie of mine is the pumpkin pie smoothie!  Delicous!


Do you use protein powder?  What kind do you use?  What is your favorite post workout recovery drink?

frappuccino protein smoothie




  1. I have low protein levels even with only eating whole foods so usually have a shake or two daily to try to improve my levels. I only really enjoy a coffee shake. I can’t wait to try this with vanilla powder and have a new recipe to add to my collection!! Thank you!!!

  2. I couldn’t agree more about the convenience of protein shakes! Many mornings that is my go to breakfast between getting the girls ready for school, breakfast made and out the door. My favorite includes raw milk, ice, Miracle Whey Vanilla protein powder, chlorella, spiralina, banana and scoop of peanut butter. My daughters love it too!

  3. I have heard that if you blend raw milk on high that it damages some of the nutrients.. is that true? I LOVE your website!!

  4. I use Sunwarrior (either original sprouted brown rice or Warrior Blend pea/cranberry/hemp, depending on what’s on sale when I’m running low) or occasionally PlantFusion (sprouted amaranth and quinoa, plus pea). It’s quite a lot cheaper than grass-fed whey, and I already consume quite a lot of dairy, I don’t need to go adding even more. I have gastroparesis – my stomach is literally paralyzed due to a damaged vagus nerve – which makes many foods, especially meats, very difficult to digest. Beans aren’t even an option. I get very tired of eggs. A smoothie of raw milk, greens, fruit, coconut oil, sometimes some nut butter or nut flour, cooked quinoa or sprouted oatmeal, and protein powder is easy for me to digest, usually stays nicely settled, and is not too hard to get down when I have little appetite but know I have to eat something. And I can practically make it in my sleep. 🙂 Maybe someday I’ll be able to afford a high-speed blender (or maybe I’ll finally win a giveaway… but I doubt it!).

  5. I love this site and it was recommended by a great friend and nutrition mentor. I love shakes as well and am new to the real food eating plan. I love hearing that even those who practice all the time have some times they just have to grab and go. Question on the chia seeds – never used them as they scare me – for smoothies do you just use dry or so you soak them in water first??? I assume just a scoop dry into the blender right??? The rest sounds great!

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