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Operation DETOXIFY my beauty cabinet

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Detoxifying my home has been a slow process, friends.  While every ounce of my being wishes to do EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE, I have found that it just isn't possible.  It is overwhelming and confusing and exhausting.  I began my journey to a healthier lifestyle back in 2009 when we decided to get chickens for our backyard.  Shortly after that I stumbled into the Real Food world and my mind was blown.  

Over these past 5 or 6 years, I have made changes in our home that really have, I believe, improved our lives!  From food, to cleaning and beauty products, to essential oils – these simple swaps have made our lives better, and I am so happy for it.  

Some questions that I hear a lot are, “What do you use for XYZ?”  I happily share a recipe or resource that I use and love.  Today I have decided to start a running list of all of the things that I have improved in our home over the last few years.  This list will constantly be updated as I continue to find better options to help us live our healthiest life today!  PLUS we put together this great resource for you to help you along your way!

As you read this list, please share with us your favorite items that you use to help you detoxify your home!  We love hearing ideas and suggestions from our readers!

Cleaning Items

Dryer Sheets

I tossed these out long ago and now use Dryer Balls.  You can make these yourself or buy them from your favorite dryer ball vendor!  I love to put drops of Lavender or Purification on the dryer balls to make my laundry smell amazing!

Laundry Detergent

To tell you the truth, this has been a difficult process.  I tried my hand at making my own detergent, but I was never pleased with the cleaning power or results!  For a while I have been using Trader Joe's liquid laundry detergent.  However, ever since Young Living came out with a liquid laundry detergent I have been using that!  It does a great job!!

All Purpose Cleaner

Finding an all purpose cleaner that is non toxic AND does a great job at cleaning has been difficult as well.  Vinegar and water in a spray bottle has been my go to class and mirror cleaner for a long time.  I had found Branch Basics and was excited about it, and it did a decent job.  BUT!  Young Living's Thieves Cleaner blows it out of the water!!!  I use it for EVERYTHING.  Floors, showers, sinks, counters.  It is highly concentrated and it lasts for a long time!  It is the cheapest cleaner I have found that actually does a good job while being toxin-free!

Dish Soap

You guys are gonna laugh.  I started making my own dish soap when I found that I had run out of Dawn.  I had no dish soap and I needed to do dishes!  I thought to myself, I bet I can make this.  And I did!!!  Now I have a go to dish soap recipe that takes me minutes to make and it does a really good job!!  

Candles/Air Fresheners

Raise your hand if you enjoyed holiday scented EVERYTHING?  Totally guilty over here.  I loved the Holiday candles from The Gap!  I would burn candles all of the time to make my home smell lovely.  Now that I know that candles are putting A LOT more into my home than just a lovely smell, I have said goodbye to all candles.  Now I diffuse Young Living Essential Oils for a lovely scent in my home!  Not only does it smell like Fall, I also get therapeutic benefits from diffusing the essential oils as well!  

Beauty Cabinet


This recipe for deodorant is my most favorite deodorant ever!!!  It is easy to make, non toxic, and you can make it smell however you like using essential oils.  When my husband told me that this deodorant is the best he has ever used in his life, I knew it was good.  


You guys, I haven't made my own toothpaste yet.  Well, I have, but I haven't found a recipe that I like.  When I was traveling with Tamara in August, she shared with me a tooth powder that she has been using.  I LOVE this stuff!!!  I came home and ordered tooth powder for every person in my house.  This stuff lasts forever.  I love the effervescence!!  It is a new favorite!


We had been Listerine users for years!!  However, mouthwash seemed like one of those things that I could easily make at home.  After some google searching, I decided to give it a go!  This recipe is now my go to for mouthwash!  What is so great is that I can customize the flavor for all of us!  I usually do peppermint and spearmint for us and orange for the kids!  


Body lotion is one thing that I have yet to make.  There are lots of recipes that I want to try, so I should probably get on that.  But, to be honest, I have been loving the unscented moisturizing lotion from Tropical Traditions.  It is actually almost gone, so I am going to start experimenting with a lotion recipe soon!  

Face Moisturizer

I have been LOVING this homemade facial serum that I found on Homemade Mommy's website.  Seriously, it is amazing.  I put it on every day after my shower.  

Face Wash

Most of the time I use the Oil Cleansing Method while I am in the shower.  To be honest, it does an AMAZING job at removing make up.  Sometimes I am lazy and I just use the homemade soap that I make.  🙂  

Eye Make-up Remover

Two ingredients.  Olive oil and witch hazel.  That is it.  I found the recipe in Mommypotomus' DIY Organic Beauty Recipes book!  So easy to make and it does a great job!!  


Yes, I make our own bar soap.  I really like the soap recipe in Mommypotomus' book, DIY Organic Beauty Recipes.  I had never made soap before and this recipe was easy to follow and easy to make.  I found shea butter and cocoa butter in bulk and now I am set for a long time!!  

Hair Detangler

To be honest, I never had a need for hair detangler before this year!  As my daughter's hair got longer, a need for hair detangler came about!  This recipe for hair detangler is simple to make and it smells lovely!


Finding a shampoo that I like has been a long process.  I tried making my own, but didn't like the results.  Recently I started using the Copaiba-Vanilla Shampoo from Young Living and I really like it.  The Lavender-Mint shampoo is good, too.  

Hair Spray

Friends, I need help on this one.  I haven't found one yet.  Do any of you use a fantastic non-toxic hair spray?  If so, please share in the comments.  I need ideas!!

Hair Gel

I actually just came across this John Master's hair gel recently.  I really like it and it does exactly what I need it to do for my hair!  


Yup!  That's right.  I found a non-toxic option for this, too!  Have you ever heard of a menstrual cup?  It may change your life.  I will admit, I did have to kiss a few frogs before I found the Lunette.  I love this thing.  

Does the thought of removing chemicals from your home seem daunting to you? Don’t sweat it. In just 5 days you can be well on your way to a toxin free home! Grab your 5 easy steps here!

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detoxify my beauty cabinet - ohlardy.com

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