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Superwoman Slim Down – A Real Food Detox

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I don't know about you but my diet has been a bit of a mess this summer!  There has been a lot of travel, parties and other outings where the food choices have not been my usual ‘clean eats' and the alcohol choices have been plenty!  While I tend to eat clean in between these times, I still feel bloated, tired, my digestion isn't quite right and I feel all around gross!  

There are many ways to detox your body and I do many of them on a regular basis: oil cleanse, oil pulling, dry brush, exercise, green juices, etc.  But every once in a while I like to give myself a good reset.  


Because after a cleanse or detox, I feel great!  I have more energy, feel less bloated.  My digestion gets back on track.  My skin looks clearer and my pants fit a bit better.  I am also able to tell if certain foods are not agreeing with me since with a cleanse you usually take out possible inflammatory foods and reintroduce them.  (Last year, I removed gluten for 90 days and when I added it back in, I noticed inflammation in my joints.  Now I try to limit gluten when I can).

Kristen, from Mix Wellness, has a great cleanse called the Superwoman Slim Down.  It is a 3 week cleanse and she provides an insane amount of support.  There are recorded calls with her, meal plans, pantry list ideas, guide book and workbook, recipes and more!  

I am going to start this detox on September 1st as summer will be over and my family will have settled into our normal schedule for the fall.  Also, I turn 40 (Yikes!) at the end of the month, and I think this cleanse will help me to feel great just in time for my birthday!

Kristen is graciously offering a FREE spot in her detox cleanse to a lucky reader.  Read on to see if you want to enter to win!

 Superwoman Slim Down

Are you:

  • Feeling like you need to drop a few pounds
  • Tired
  • Bloated or irregular
  • Suffering from skin problems (acne, rashes, eczema)
  • Having trouble sleeping
  • In a constant brain fog or have trouble concentrating
  • Sick of looking at a closet full of clothes and still not finding anything to wear
  • Dealing with allergies
  • Popping pills for headaches, joint pain, or muscle aches
  • Covering up those dark circles and puffy eyes with makeup and expensive skin creams
  • Battling cravings
  • Moody


This is NOT your average detox.

The Superwoman Slim Down is a fully-supported “done-for you” 21 day 100% REAL FOOD, hunger-free program led by experienced registered nurse, certified health and wellness coach, and certified specialist in fitness nutrition, Kristen Boucher!

She will teach you step-by-step how to feel better than you ever imagined in your own skin, while eating delicious, nutrient-dense, metabolism-boosting foods and (finally) making your health a priority! But don’t take our word for it! Check out what these former Superwomen have to say about it here.

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Superwoman Slimdown

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  1. Thank you for all the info on different methods of detox. I’m going to try the dry brushing. I’ve tried oil pulling but it’s so hard because my kids want to talk to me in the morning. I really need to detox, I’ve been putting way too much sugar and processed foods in my body over the summer. Sounds like a great giveaway.

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