How to Make Healthy Homemade Jello

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Healthy Homemade Jello -

I loved jello as a kid!  Particularly cherry jello.  A big bowl of cherry jello with Cool Whip on top.  Now that I know better, that doesn’t sound like the perfect dessert at all! Check out the ingredients of Cherry Jello: Sugar, gelatin, adipic acid (for tartness), artificial flavor, disodium phosphate, sodium citrate, fumaric acid, Red 40, Blue 1. Yuck! … Read More

Homemade School Lunch

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Homemade School Lunch

Are you out of ideas when it comes to packing your child’s lunch?  Do you just throw a Lunchables in a bag with a juice box and call it a day?  Well, I have some good news for you!  Packing a wholesome and nourishing lunch for your child isn’t difficult.  I have put together some ideas to help get your … Read More

Homemade Orange Jello – With a Probiotic Surprise

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Homemade Jello with Fermented Orange Juice -

Last week, I posted my recipe for fermented orange juice, a great way to get probiotics, enzymes and vitamins into your diet.  Plus it is super delicious, even for kids! Over the weekend, I came across a post on probiotic-infused lemonade jello by Mommypotamus.  She had been inspired by Food Renegade’s lacto-fermented lemonade (which is delicious, by the way, especially in … Read More

Fermented Orange Juice – an Orangina-type beverage

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Fermented Orange Juice -

Growing up I moved around quite a bit (well, actually, a lot…13 schools in 12 years!), mostly between California and New Jersey…two completely different places with very different food cultures. One of my biggest food memories of living in New Jersey (besides the amazing NY style pizza!) was going to our local bagel shop and getting a toasted plain bagel … Read More

Is it Really ‘Just’ a Popsicle? Or is it Just Junk Food?

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Is it Really 'Just' a Popsicle? -

A couple years back, someone on Facebook asked for ideas for healthy alternatives to an annual ‘popsicle’ party at her child’s school. The comment storm that ensued was quite crazy.  People getting upset that ‘it’s just a popsicle…back off’.  Readers suggesting that bloggers like us who are advocates for real food and healthy eating are infringing on the rights of … Read More

Frozen Granola Bars

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frozen granola bars -

We love Granola Bars in our house.  Remember my recipe for a homemade granola bar that uses honey and sugar?  Well, that recipe is great for traveling.  To school, work, or wherever, it is a great snack to throw in your bag.  Today I am going to share a recipe for a frozen granola bar! This snack is a favorite … Read More

Friday Happy Hour #3

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 Welcome to Friday Happy Hour!  Check out all of the interesting things Kelly and Tamara found this week.  Grab a glass of your favorite beverage, enjoy and cheers! I hope you read our post regarding the Stanford Study regarding organic and conventional foods’ nutrition levels.  For more opinions check out: Robyn Obrien, Marion Nestle and Michael Pollan. What is your relationship with nature? … Read More