Top 10 Ways to Detox

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10 Ways to Detox and an Ultimate Cleanse -

Do you ever think about detoxing, cleansing, meditating, fasting, eliminating certain foods from the diet, exercising…all different things to make your body and mind healthy and happy? Many people focus on this as a New Year’s resolution but we should be doing these things ALL year long.   Life is constantly bombarding us with toxins…in our food, our water, our air, our … Read More

Make Your Own Green Powder

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Is your garden overflowing with leafy greens?  Do you have extra CSA or Farmer’s Market greens withering away in your fridge?  I can answer yes to both of these questions!  I hate wasting food, especially precious locally grown, organic produce!   But sometimes, enough is enough!  I can only cook and juice so many greens! What can you do to … Read More

Benefits of Green Vegetables (with a FREE printable)

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The Many Benefits of Green Vegetables (with a FREE printable) -

Last week I announced my goal for the month of drinking a green drink every day.  I am mostly drinking green juices, but having some smoothies here and there too. I also shared a roundup of over 30 delicious green drink recipes as inspiration.  Have you tried any yet? You may be wondering…why the green drink?  Well, green vegetables are … Read More