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10 Uses for Tea Tree Essential Oil

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This is an oil I have been using for over 20 years, ever since I spent a semester living in Australia.  There are so many interesting uses for Tea tree essential oil, it was hard to narrow down to a top 10 list! This is a crazy versatile oil and one that is a must have in your oily arsenal!

Tea tree oil is well known for being gentle on skin. Since it is included in Young Living's Premium Starter Kit, it is a great deal and you will love having it on hand!

How to Use Tea Tree Oil

  1. Cleanse Occasional Breakouts

    Dab a bit of Tea Tree on a pimple and it will clear it up in no time!

  2. Treat a baby's bottom

    Add a few drops to a tsp or so of coconut oil and wipe on a baby's bottom.  

  3. Yucky toenails

    Gross. I have heard numerous testimonials that talk about cleaning up this situation in no time!  Just apply neat to the nail. 

  4. Chest Rub

    We like to use tea tree in our homemade vapor rub and also just apply a few drops when tenting (inhaling steam with oils) or when added to a steam shower.  

  5. Make your own deodorant. 

    Try adding tea tree to our homemade deodorant.

  6. Great skin

    Tea tree is great to soothe and maintain healthy skin.  

  7. Dry Scalp

    Add it to your shampoo if you battle dry scalp and flakes. 

  8. Add to Your Neti Pot

    My favorite way of using Tea Tree is in the neti pot.  My doctor recommends using a neti pot prophylactically.  So, my daughter and I use it every night during cold and flu season.  I like to use this neti pot recipe for the salt and we have had great results!


Would you like to learn how to add Tea Tree to your natural arsenal?  Read more on our Young Living Essential Oil page!  

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Many Uses of Tea Tree Oil - www.ohlardy.com


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