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Tower Garden Update

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My Tower Garden is 3 months old!  I can't believe it has only been 3 months and I have been harvesting LOTS of goodies from this amazing tower!!!  

I have really enjoyed having lettuces on the Tower Garden.  I have been just harvesting leaves for salads and sandwiches the moment I need it.  I JUST recently harvested the remainder of the heads of lettuce I had in order to plant some new seedlings.  I am ready for that to get going ASAP!  The lettuces are probably my favorite.  

I have also been harvesting a TON of swiss chard.  LOTS!  Check out how big and beautiful these leaves are:

Swiss Chard from my Tower Garden

I have been adding it to my freezer smoothie packs and I am getting quite a stock pile.  My kale is growing slower than the chard, but I am excited to get that into smoothie bags, too.  I recently harvested ALL of my spinach to throw in my smoothie bags too.  I have a smoothie EVERY morning, so this Tower Garden is doing a good job with keeping me in the smoothie eating business!  If only it would grow frozen blueberries….

As you may have noticed in the picture, I have a GIANT tomato plant.  It is taller than I am.  It has produced fruit, but it is taking a LONG time to ripen.  I am certain it is because of the cold weather.  I have tons of flowers and a bit of fruit, but nothing is happening.  I also have a jalapeño, and it hasn't flowered at all.  Again, I am thinking it is just too cold.  

One major issue I am dealing with right now is Aphids.  Ugh.  Unfortunately it is way too cold for Ladybugs, so I am left trying to keep them at bay with my soap spray that I made!  To an empty spray bottle, I added a tablespoon of Castile Soap and an 1/8 of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper.  I will say, when you spray this, make sure you are upwind, otherwise you will feel like you have just been sprayed with pepper spray!  I want to add Neem Oil to the mix, I just need to order some!!!  If you have a Tower Garden, how do you keep Aphids at bay?  Right now I am spraying morning and night.  I can't wait until Ladybug season!  

Do you have a Tower Garden?  If so, what are you growing?  Please share any tips and tricks you have!  

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Tower Garden UPDATE - it has been 3 months!


  1. Do you keep yours inside or outside? Wondering if this will work indoors by a window, and if bugs would still be a problem?

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