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What’s in My CSA Box? Week 2

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Well, this past week, I received vegetables only.  I was kind of glad that the veggie only time was this week as we were going out of town for a long weekend.

I picked up my delicious veggies and received

  • lettuce
  • asparagus
  • bok choy
  • parsnips
  • lettuce mix
  • ramps (wild leeks)
  • radishes
  • dandelion greens

What did we do with this bounty?

  • We ended up sauteeing the asparagus that night with a little salt, pepper and olive oil.
  • We made a salad with the lettuce mix.  Nothing fancy since we were headed out of town.
  • I washed the radishes and brought them with me on the plane as a little snack.
  • We made a simple fritatta with a few of the ramps and dandelion greens.  It made a nice dinner the night we returned home

  • I boiled 4 parsnips, 1 sweet potato (that was getting pretty old and wrinkly) and a couple remaining potatoes from the previous week.  Smashed them with cultured butter, cultured sour cream and some chives.  They were delicious!

Not sure what a CSA is?  See my post on why you should join one!

Here's what I did with Week 1.

What did you do with your CSA bounty this week?


  1. Hi…I have actually been researching CSAs in our area this past week and I am curious what your CSA charges- if you don’t mind sharing. We live in Southern California and I have found different prices from $20/box to $30/box. I am just wondering what is reasonable? There is a grass-fed beef CSA which ends up being $8.71/lb. yet I can get GF beef for $6.99/lb at the store. I have seen many posts on farmer’s markets and CSAs but am not sure I would really save with that approach (in our area). For example, I have even searched for Raw milk that is less than $18/gallon (what it costs at the store) and the cheapest I have found is $12/gallon…and pastured eggs are $5/dz-$6/dz. Any thoughts?

    1. Great questions! Our veggie share ends up being $30/box. I find it is of value for me. If I bought the same amt of organic veggies from our grocery it would cost the same or more. Plus I know these are fresh picked and local so there is a value to that as well. My egg share ends up being $5/dozen. I am fine with this for the same reasons above. Even a box of organic valley eggs can run $5 and these eggs come from pastured chickens that my daughter and I see every time I pick them up! My fruit share is about $15/box and I feel the same way about it. The jury is still out on my meat and dairy share as those are new to my csa!!

      You are smart to be researching to get the best value! For me I find it is of value for organic produce that are locally grown and unbelievably fresh!! Good luck in your research!!

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