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6 Tips for Reaching Your Goals (and a FREE Goal Setting Printable)

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6 Tips to Better Goal Setting - www.ohlardy.com

One of the hardest parts about setting goals, resolutions or intentions is actually following through on the goals!  How many New Year's Resolutions go by the wayside come February?

Oftentimes, goals are too vague, unrealistic and unattainable.  When this happens, it is hard to resist temptation, hard to have the willpower to keep your goals.  And it isn't necessarily your fault, you just need a better plan!

You can change this, by making your goals SMART.

(Check for my previous post on how to set SMART goals).

This happens to me all the time!  I have started making my goals public, by sharing them on Oh Lardy!  So far, January has had me oil pulling every day (still doing it!!) and February has me drinking green drinks each day (success!!).  March is having me dry brush each day (so far, so good!)!

To make your goals SMART, they need to be:

  • Specific – What makes your goal specific?
  • Measurable – How can your goal be measured?
  • Attainable – How are you going to attain your goal?
  • Realistic – Is your goal realistic?
  • Timely – What is the timeline for your goal?

I do have some additional tips for you and your goal setting.

1.  Make sure you really want to achieve your goal.

We often get sidetracked by what we think we should be doing, or what other people are doing.  Be sure that you are setting a goal about something you are really passionate about!

2.  Be sure your goals don't contradict one another.  

Focus on one idea at a time.  You can't set a goal of going Paleo, doing a juice cleanse and trying vegetarianism.

3.  Use positive language.

Word the goal in a positive way.  I will exercise for 30 minutes each morning instead of I won't spend the morning working without exercising.

4.  Reach for the stars…but stay realistic.

Make your goal challenging enough to be inspiring and motivating but not too challenging to be unattainable.  Also, if your goal is too easy, you may lose steam and get off track!

5.  Be detailed with your goal.

Give a lot of information when you set the goal.  Are you going to exercise for 30 minutes each day?  When?  Where?  Will you go to the gym or work out at home?  Pack your clothes/gym shoes the night before in your car?  Be very specific and detailed.

6.  Write down your goals!

When you set a goal, be sure you write it down.  The very act of writing something down can set your wheels in motion!  Write it in more than one place!  One a post it note in your car, on your laptop, in your kitchen, by your bed.  Set it as a reminder on your phone each day.  Get that goal out there in front of you each and every day so you can constantly see it and be reminded!

Need help setting SMART goals?  Here is a Handy Worksheet for you!  Print it out and get goal setting!!!

How to Make Your Goals SMART - www.ohlardy.com

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6 Tips to Better Goal Setting - www.ohlardy.com


  1. I especially agree with the first step of your list, the want to part. All too often I see goals set because of external factors. They can come from company mandated objectives, or things you might think you should do. To really succeed in accomplishing your goals you have to really want to achieve them.

  2. Realistic seldom drives one to a goal or inspires. The effective R in a SMART goal is RISKY! It creates buy-in and a sense of urgency.

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