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Goal of the Month: Dry Brushing

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If you have been following Oh Lardy, you know I have been setting monthly goals to hold myself accountable!  I help people set their own goals as a health coach, but I admit, I have a hard time setting…well, actually a hard time KEEPING them!

My goal for January was to do oil pulling every morning.  I am still doing this.  I admit to having missed a few times here and there, but I find if I have the oil and my spoon on my bathroom counter, I do it while I shower and dress.  If the spoon has been taken to the kitchen or the oil has been put in the cabinet, I forget.  It sounds silly, but for me, having the materials out and in sight means I get my goal accomplished!

My goal for February was to drink a green drink every day.  I have been doing this and will continue to do so.  I have not missed a day yet!  I will admit I do have pressed juices delivered weekly from a local business called Pressed Vibrance, so the daily green juice goal was easier to accomplish.  Even still, in the past, I would sometimes forget to drink them even though they were right there!  Setting the goal helped me remember to drink one EVERY DAY!!!  There are so many benefits of green vegetables that I want to be sure to get them in my diet.  I do still make green smoothies on occasion, so on those days had double green drinks!

(Click here to learn more about oil pulling and the benefits of green vegetables!)

My goal for March is to keep with the top ways to detox theme and give dry brushing a go.

Have you ever dry brushed?

I have on occasion and really like it.  I will say, it sort of hurts but it only takes a minute or two.

How do you set goals you can accomplish?  Make your goals SMART of course!  Here goes…

I will dry brush every day before I shower. I have purchased my dry brush and I will keep the dry brush on the deck of my bath tub in arm's reach of my shower.  I will do this every day for the month of March.  


I'd say yes!  Here I go.  I will have glowing skin and a detoxed body!!!

I will put up a post on dry brushing next week but for now check out these posts from some of my favorite bloggers:

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My Goal for the Week: Dry Brushing - www.ohlardy.com



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