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Chocolate Citrus DIY Lip Balm Recipe

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DIY Chocolate Citrus Lip Balm - www.ohlardy.com

I love a good lip balm, especially in the winter.  I don't wear a lot of lipstick, usually just a balm or a gloss so having one handy is necessary for me.  Plus, having one that is uber-moisturizing is also required.  I have tried my hand at a few DIY lip balm recipes but most were too hard; it felt like I was rubbing my lips with a crayon.

I am just recently getting in to trying my hand at making some of my own beauty products.  I lean toward the ‘crunchy' side but still prefer to buy most things.  Since getting into Young Living Essential Oils, I have loved making things like lotion, deodorant, chest rubs, bath salts and a few other item.  This lip balm is a great add to my repertoire!  Are you making over your personal products as well?  You are in luck!  Check out this awesome PDF that we created just for YOU!

The lip balm gets it somewhat chocolaty flavor from cocoa butter which is very nourishing to the skin.  I felt the bergamot essential oil would pair nicely with it.  Bergamot essential oil, which is cold pressed from bergamot fruit, has a lovely citrus aroma that uplifts the mind.   

I found all of my supplies (except the essential oils) on Amazon: lip balm tubes, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, beeswax and used my coconut oil in my kitchen.

It is super simple to make!  Hope you enjoy it!

Chocolate-Citrus DIY Lip Balm



  • Place all ingredients except essential oil in a double boiler. (I used a pyrex measuring cup in a saucepan of water).
  • Wait until melted.
  • Remove from heat and let cool slightly.
  • Add essential oil and stir.
  • Fill empty lip balm tubes
  • Let set and enjoy!


Adapted from Homemade Mommy

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DIY Chocolate Citrus Lip Balm Recipe - www.ohlardy.com


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